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July 31, 2009
" This logotype is so simple yet so professional. Its design represents the client perfectly giving what every client needs and that's memorable representation to the customer. " -l8

Thomas Moe Photography by =Miamoto
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Suggested by l8
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Thomas Moe Photography


A logo for Thomas Moe, a super-cool photographer. He was looking for "something simple, original, stylish and cozy." Going with the idea of a camera iris, meshing it with the shape of an asterisk, and pairing it with a stylish, friendly logotype, here's the result. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

You can check out Thomas' work at or visit his dA page, where he's known as =maao. And I'll let you agree with me that his stuff is awesome.
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cool, can i have the psd file.
fantastic work ! 2 is my favourite:)
if you don't mind i would like to know the picture you used as background for 2 ? Thank you !
CMWVisualArts's avatar
Aperture Science :iconapertureplz:
Infinity1986's avatar
what's the font that you used for the logo?
Miamoto's avatar
it's a self-made font, I never got around to releasing it to the public though
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i like "front 2" awesome!
qwerty-is's avatar
Awesome! Very nice work! ^^
tmp are my initials. aww, you made this for me.
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Cool use of the camera shutter form to create a logo for a photographer :D Like it!
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i found your logo here: [link] propably u don't give him agree too use logo ;)
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Your work is great, Miamoto! I hope I can be as good as you one day. :D
leviathen's avatar
awesome!!! it reminds me of aperture science n_n
Where do you think Aperture Science got their logo from. A camera Aperture symbol.
leviathen's avatar
certainly (i graduated dig phot)!!! it was a loving/nostalgia kind of remark!!!
k3isch's avatar
amazing job !
dev0ured's avatar
awesome work. everything i've seen from you has been very.. a-plus
rodrigozenteno's avatar
nice logo, good presentation
c0da's avatar
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Clichéd, but good nonetheless. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that this design is better than the ones in the links you've posted.

Excellent work Miamoto.
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I agree :) the logotype is very nice.
Miamoto's avatar
Unsupported claims don't go too far. Any suggestions?
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