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April 30, 2007
Beautiful colors, perfect assembly-line syncopation, and excellent robot design make SmileyFactory by ~Miamoto a pleasure to view. The escalation of the expressions from empty to blank to downward gaze to shock ties it all together.
Featured by livius
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:faint: It's complete.

Started March 24, it's been exactly a month since I began this thing. I'd estimate it at a grand total of 10 hours of work (it took forever to repeat the process for each color).

An avatar for ~SmileyFactory's avatar contest, it's a lean, mean, time-efficient emote machine. The first emotion emitted from these newborn emotes (besides blank indifference?) is an unfortunate "*gASP!* zohsmajeez, fallage!" Certainly fun to watch though. Hope you guys enjoy. ;P

At the moment it's unfit for avatar consumption; at 99kb it's... uh... just a wee bit large. It's not optimized at all right now, and will be quite a bit smaller in the future. ;)

... I wonder what those guys are falling into. Maybe a Sarlacc Pit or something.

Edit: :wow: I mistyped my password twice while trying to log in after seeing this under Daily Deviations. Thanks so much ^livius, you go girl! Many thanks go to everyone who has commented. 600+ faves... I'll be sure to thank as many people as I can. :bucktooth:
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GoddessVirgin's avatar
Thanks for murdering these emotes for us.
1DeViLiShDuDe's avatar
Any thoughts on recreating the SmileyFactory Group again?
mickey555's avatar
WatermelonSPLASH234's avatar
Shadow-wolf51's avatar
I love emotes...:love:
1010100100101's avatar
Damn that*s real cool! Love it!
Narumiko12's avatar
Dude, this is GENIUS! :iconepicwinplz:
SmileyFactory's avatar
I'd like to use it now but it's still not optimized :noes:
jetOr's avatar
it's superb !
Cmotes's avatar
Too bad Smileyfactory is dead. :bucktooth:
Miamoto's avatar
True that. :bucktooth: Any revival plans?
Cmotes's avatar
I'd like to start it again, but I'd need some admins.
Green-Legend's avatar
Now that's an assembly line ;) Who would have thought that's where smilies come from. :laughing:
olimarrulez's avatar
Can I use it?????
Miamoto's avatar
nope, sorry. :P
Wooded-Wolf's avatar
I wish I had the patience to do something like that.. Everything works perfectly :+fav:
Kaleesh-of-Kalee's avatar
Orbitdum1's avatar
Excellent work!
Kopanitsak-C's avatar
My gosh where do you get this idea? :XD:
Miamoto's avatar
Heh, who knows... I was told to make a SmileyFactory avatar. From there... that idea stuck out in my mind. :D
Kopanitsak-C's avatar
Ah.... :O
So, it was told you... from heaven or hell? :D
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