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By Miamelly
One day you decide to get good, you type on google about something you could learn better, maybe hands - yes, hands always suck doesn't it?
One big tutorial page, great, then you check Proko, Vilppu, Sinix, Sycra, and by the end of the day you feel just awesome with all that progress you just made

Or did you?

This  happens often  -  watching tutorials on this fashion is not really improving your art
We are often looking for easier ways to do things, smart, high-efficiency training but, what it always lacks are the hours

If you don't put time drawing what you 're learning it won't help you - Learn how to keep studying anything in any way for hours before you start thinking about a better way to do it 
if you need a parameter, here one, draw at least two times more than you spend watching tutorials


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ideally you should be drawing WHILE you watch/read the tutorial xD
but i usually only look for them for when i'm in need, like, when i need to draw water but i dunno how
or i just pick up a reference and nail it try to finish it
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I wouldnt be so sure about doing two things at same time but rest assured, reading a tutorial on something that you re needing to learn as much possible for the very next work is useful
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I never watch tutorials. I just wing it or use references and hope for the best. XD
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dont dismiss tutorials though, they are also a vital part of growing
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Words of wisdom! Listen to the cat, people!
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The cat knows!
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