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havent posted in a while been so busy. heres a wolverine i drew and threw some colors on. Im pretty happy with the turn out. hope ya'lls enjoy
peace :)
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Hidden Hulk!!!! Nice touch!!!!
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Ever seen wolverine cry or smile?me neither.
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the staggered reflection is a nice subtle touch that really makes this piece pop
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Awesome! I really like how you can see the Hulk's reflection in his claws.
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is that the hulk reflected in his claws? man, those two have been going at it for ages now! :D
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He looks exactly like Wolverine is supposed to look - short, massively muscled, and ferocious! Beautiful work and excellent execution - love the reflection in the claws as well! Instant fave :).
nice drawings and colors
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Cool pic man... by any chance did you draw the mascot character for the El Paso Rhinos Hockey Team?
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yea actually did that a couple years back?you from el paso?
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yup... I met with you, rudy, justin and some of your buds at kristoph's coffe a little while back. I knew I recognized your art style! My company is gonna do a new website for the rhinos.
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Awesome work, Eddie!
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thanx a lot KMANN
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Rockin!! SNICT!!!
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Awesome work, Eddie! We'll send you some books with your cover as soon as it's in print! And thank you for all your support for the home town creators!

Justin, Rudy, Hugo and the rest of the Project4 gang! :D
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hey thanks a lot guys for giving me that opportunity and let me know when its printed so i can give you guys an address..cant wait to see it :)
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Cool Cool Love it.
Keep it up.
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got to add more hairs on his arms, looks like he just got waxed
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ha ha, he does look waxed.i lost a lot of the hair in the scan process when i was cleaning the pencil lines.
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to much detail on the hair then? sucks wen i draw him most of the time, and spiderman
haha coooooooooool:)
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