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martian manhunter

a pinup done of martian manhunter
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This is awesome!!!
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I like to think that if superman never made it out of krypton, Martian manhunter would have taken the title instead. Kind of interesting to think how his story would play out.
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Awesome work on an awesome character :)
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Nice work ! One of my favorite characters
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DC bumping off the Manhunter was one of the reasons why i finally dumped DC. Their constant changing history & continuity, corrupting & defaming characters (turning some gay just for a cheap thrill, even.), and all the killing off.

A correspondent of mine did a fan-fic where the pre-Crisis JLA pay a visit to the post-Crisis JLA, and fight them , then pay a nasty visit to the DC offices to denounce DC's perverting everything. He was at his peak then.
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Don't worry, they have plans for him in rebirth.
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Even before the 1986 Crisis, Manhunter was treated with inconsistencies right and left. Was he the last Martian ? If so, what about the JLA story that had the JLA help MM avenge the green Martians, and then go after the last rocket of them seeking a new world. Mars became a desolate lifeless world.

In Anderson's THE LAST DAYS
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Almost (and I emphasis "almost") looks like black Adam, especially his ears (kind of, I think i'm just seeing things.) Anyway, this is amazing work :)
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Dude this is amazing!
Benson's face. 
Great job!
Sans Chat Icon 2 
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i wish he was wearing his black suit in this 
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My favourite Martian of all time :) Marvel doesn't have their own Martian hero just a talking Raccoon with a machine gun :)
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Great pic of Martian Manhunter.
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This is awesome I love it! Can u join my group here:
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Love the perspective
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this should be a comic!
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manhunter reminds me alot of javik
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manhunter is so bad @$$
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I second this notion! He's like my favorite member of the Justice League in the DCAU. I haven't had much exposure to his various incarnations in the comics yet, but it think I'll love them at a similar level.
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