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here is another wip. sorry if they are all incomplete. I start tem and then I drift off and start something else , but I promise I will finish them :)
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Cool , looks whose up , great work!!
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I tend to do the same thing to...ADD is a bitch ain't it?
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love it :)
I'm the same way...unfinished masterpiece I always say ;)
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It's funny the way that it's so awesome even unfinished.
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they say bullets taste like chicken!!!
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Ohh yes! I came across your gallery. Looked through all the awesome comic themed pieces. And just as i thought "He is only one thing short of passing from great into awesome..." BAM there he was, the merc with the mouth. :D
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Deadpool . Kool as usual . Great job .
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That looks awesome!!!!
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yo man, I just can't get enough of your stuff! ([link]). Hope it's cool with you.
Did you get the note about your artbooks?
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I like that you kept him looking serious, Like Liefeld; you draw him looking like he can whoop some ass. I love this character but I think Marvel has taken him a tad far in making him so looney. great job man!!
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very awesome deadpool
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Simply amazing linework here :D

Saw it colored and just had to come here
and fav the original.
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hey i love the deadpool so i coloured ir check it out XD: [link]
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At last a master deadpool pose. love it do another i love it!
very gangster of deadpool. omg, love it!!
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