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Xmen v.s The Brotherhood

Finally did the second addition to the Brotherhood. The Xmen piece was commissioned to me at SDCC.
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Wow that’s amazing, can you put in color please?

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Hope you don't mind. I had a homework assignment on genetic mutations and used your illustration (with proper credit of course).
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This is intriguing.
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Oh boy!!! You killed it!!! If only they had looked this amazing back in the day! This is so BOSS!!! :worship:
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This sh*t is BEAST!!! :wow:
Amazing work! That's the team I always think of when I think of the X-Men.
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Oh man! That's so cool!!!!
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Where's Dazzler? haha jk. This is awesome!
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geeeeking out over this right now!! nice!
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wow this is amazing
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Killer piece!! Like the touch with the red by Cyclops and the blue field around Magneto
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I need this as a poster so I can hang this bad Larry in my apartment. Is this possible?
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sure is! shoot me a note
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Holy shizzle dizzle, this is the most amazing work I have ever seen of X-men getting ready to fight the Brotherhood @.@ Amazing job!!
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you're welcome :3 :3 :3
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