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Street Fighter

I know it's been awhile. I still might tweak it a bit, buuuut for now, calling it done! I've always loved the street fighter franchise. Playing this game as a kid really helped influence my style today.. I can't believe that I played this over 20 years ago!!! Oh how time flies
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wow! powerfull! 
Nice work! Do you think you can make this into a T-shirt design?
StreetKombatfighter's avatar
YES!!! NICE WORK ! :love:
it's te best part of streetfighter-series .. :la:
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Awesome I love group shots. On another note its all guys and one girl. Also notice when Chun li does that move she leave herself defenseless at the rear.
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This is awesome! you have cool art style. :) 
AZTECH2009's avatar
Absolutely fantastic!
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Nice texture work man
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I can see that even if you've been influenced so many years ago, you have your style all over this one! Great stuff!
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MiaCabrera's avatar
Thanks, deadcobra!
by any chance do u also go by the name Eddie Nunez ? :D
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Who is your favourite chracter from the games?
My is Dan.
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I would have to say ryu is my fave
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I like Ryu as well but Dan gives you an extra challange if you're playing online.
Most my opponents played as Akuma.
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Never ever gets old! :D
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any plans on selling this as a print?
MiaCabrera's avatar
Hey baronbattle, send me a note for details
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ah cool! Thanks for doing this, it's perfect!
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