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Peter Pan and the lost boys


Did this piece pretty recently and I was busy that I didn't have a chance to post it, so here it is. Peter pan was one of the cartoons I liked growing up. I always pictured pan and the lost boys as these psychotic and creepy kids. That codfish Captain Hook would be crazy as hell too. I felt the disney version was a bit tame, so I decided to turn it up a few notches.
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Damn... Сan I share with this in Tumblr with a link to you?

Damn bro can I use this as cover art?
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This looks more accurate to the orginal. Peter would kill even his own lost boys for growing up or going against him or his orders. He wasn't as nice as disney made him up to be. :nuu: 
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LOL Glad you agree. :) (Smile) Was wondering if someone would get mad at me for mentioning the original Peter Pan.  
Nah there are probably other ppl like ya who think Peter Pan is uh.. kinda looks like a uhm.. Child Predator. 
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LOL. Exactly as you said. 
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I agree that Peter Pan in a way was more like Lord of The Files. These two stories actually have a lot in common! So we also have island in the ocean and this island conceals a lot of everything. Even Hangman's tree is hind of death (for example).
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ahhhh this is so good! and peter pan was my favourite disney movie as a kid tbh and this is seriously giving me some Lord of the Flies vibes lmao
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Since I watch Once Upon A Time I can confirm that this is true :)
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Oh Disney certainly tamed it down. In the book, Peter would 'thin out' the Lost Boys if they got too old!
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Which is why I dislike the original book and prefer the Starcatchers series.
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I like the originals of several tales due to the sole fact that it shows how we've changed as a society or as a civilization.
Fairy tales that date back to the medieval times were much darker than the 'soft pansy' (as some have called it) of modern times or the idea of 'child-friendly' versions of Disney.
But it wasn't because they were cruel to kids, it was a different setting altogether.

1- It was more dangerous as it wasn't as civilized as modern cultures, less laws protecting people, or odd laws that downtrodden people (examples =no child labor laws, peasants not allowed to hunt for meat on a lords lands ... and lords were the only ones to own land, what they didn't own, the kings ususally did)

2- Fairy tales is how they often taught kids morality in the past, teaching them how to be safe, now they are mere entertainment for kids. IT was their times versions of modern world telling moral stories at bible school.  Little Red Riding Hood taught 'listen to your parents or else' and "don't talk to strangers'. In bible school I heard of Sodom & Gomorrah and teacher said the moral of the story was 'listen to the head of the house (your father or husband)[this one due to Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt after Lot warned her not to look back] and don't be immoral of God will punish you'.
 ... lets not get into the part where I heard about war and rape in the bible during bible school. X___X
Is it any wonder I preferred the old fairy tales? At least they didn't have tales of all out war. I know of only one that had rape but never came across it as a kid. (that was the original Sleeping Beauty).

3. More modern tales like Peter Pan and Jungle Book was less a book for kids and more a book that explored the various sides of social aspects of humanity. Peter Pan in a way was more like 'Lord of the Flies' in the view that it explores what becomes of children that didn't grow up with the rules parents put down or in other words, how kids grow into savages if they do not have civilization to guide them. 
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This is exactly how I felt about him in the Disney version. In fact, Hook is a pussycat compared to Peter !
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This picture has forever ruined my childhood, I LOVE IT LOL
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Since I'm watching Once Upon a Time, I can believe this
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Why is this so awesome!??
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There's something hiding under the peter pan mythos that seems a little bit dark and somber to me, so I'm glad to finally find a piece of art that reflects this.
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This is awsome! 
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I find this absolutely true could you imagine what Peter Pan and I lost boys could have done to hook if they didint feed him to the alligator.

Mrs plum:New arrival...
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*hides behind OUAT peter pan* this scary but awesome
Wow, you allow me to use it to my facebook page, if you agree I'll give you the name of the page !!! Sorry for my english, i'm french !
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Look out, Hook. Here comes your worst nightmare.
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