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July 17, 2016
Dragon Ball by MiaCabrera features an amazing composition with each of the characters in fantastic poses.
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda
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Dragon Ball

Another Lil piece I've been on and off for the past month due to deadlines. Gonna tweak it a bit more and call it doooone. I never really got into this series or know much about it, but my brother and cousin kept pushing me to do it. I've never attempted a piece like this where i kept it in a collage form. Overall I'm pretty happy with the way it is turning out and for the Dragonball fans out there I hope I did these guys justice.
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PiccoloFanUwU's avatar

Omfg, this is amazing! I cant believe artists can be THIS talented! Kudos to you <333

AfterImageArt's avatar
Wow so glad I found this your art is awesome love your work
kkht311's avatar
So cool.

Clap Clap Clap 
EKUSASxISxGOD's avatar
this art style is amazing
Shreddinghead's avatar
That's our Goku! Food first, save the world later. XD
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PMThompson's avatar
I like the style you put here, especially the facial expressions. Dead on. Also the scales on Shenlong. 
My only complaint is not enough food on the bottom. lol J/K
KeithJettProductions's avatar
Haha this is AWESOME! 🔥
YipkuicooEdgeway's avatar
Love the picture! Cell's face tho... He looks like the Joker.....
Epic dbz thanks for the kicka## share
clarkdark's avatar
OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE IT!!!!!! wonderful job!
maria39's avatar
Wow! Very good!
barbarian-jk's avatar
This is really, really good! It's a very interesting and different composition of the series too! Can't wait to see what would you do with Dragon Ball Super and maybe even the original DB. I hope you do in the future! Keep up the awesome work :3
DSegno92's avatar
Evil guys: "We will destroy you, your beloved ones, and everything on our path!".
Good guys: "Bring it on, we'll not lose to you shrimps!"
Goku: "Yeah, yeah , whatever, now, leave me alone, I have to eat and this is more important: I'll punch you to the moon and back when I've finished!"
bullshitman's avatar
That is the BEST shenron I've ever seen
PenguinTranquilizer's avatar
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ETxARTSx88's avatar
That's one amazing piece!
niqbee's avatar
oh muh gah how u draw like dat
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Congratulations on your much deserved DD!
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz
Dani-Wicked's avatar
You did! This is an awesome piece!
rex-raxon's avatar
Congratulation Clap
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