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I know, just let happen,
That’s it, almost there,
Soon, “Help me” you say.
The slow blade penetrates the shield,
just a little longer, I’m almost there,
I can feel your heartbeat,
Every living creature, on earth dies alone,
He knows, don’t go home,
Has no eyes but sees all,
Don’t be scared, just ready,
3478 Middleton Avenue,
Next winter will take you away,
“Help me” you say,
“Don’t be scared, just ready, and go away”
Its ok, I’m here now.
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Three words
There is only,
1 thing,
2 do,
3 words,
4 you,
   I Love You.
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 2 3
Why I am so invisible?
Why I am so invisible?
I sit in the font,
even teachers forget I’m here.
Why do I feel so alone?
Even when I am in the crowned,
I still feel alone.
Why do I feel this way?
The emptiness began to grow,
I know life is the prize,
but it does not mean you’re alive.
If  you ever feel the same,
then you’re not alone.  
Remember these words.
“Everlasting, true love, I’m yours.
Forever I will protect you.”
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 1 0
Today for a Other Day
I’m just a step way,
just a breath way,
falling the edged today.
I’m just a man,
not superhuman,
just other war,
just other family torn,
just other day we all live.
Someone save me from the hate
I need a hero to save me now,
I need a hero to save my life,
a hero will save me just in time.
I've got to fight today,
to live another day,
speaking' my mind today,
my voice will be heard today.
I've got to make a stand
but I am just a man
I'm not superhuman.
It's just another war,
just another family torn,
mothers will be hurt today,
it's just another kill,
the countdown begins to destroy ourselves.
Who going to fight for the weak,
Who going to fight for what right,
A hero isn’t afraid to give his life
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 0 0
To Love without Love
I love you,
because in
my thousand and
one nights of dream,
I never once dreamed of you.
I looked the paths set in front of me,
That travel from afar,
but it was never you I expected.
Suddenly I’ve you fly though my soul,
in quick,
lofty flight,
and how beautiful you seem way up there,
far from my always idiot heart.
Love me that way,
flying over everything,
and like a bird on its branch,
land in my arms only to rest,
then fly off once again.
Be not like romantic ones who’s,
in love,
set me on off a daze.
When you climb up my mansion,
enter so lightly,
that as you enter,
the dog of my heart,
will not bark.
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 0 0
Thy morning come
Thy morning come,
they set to go on thy ways,
with an open wound and my ill my Bebe my arms,
I could do nothing to cheer her dying spirit,
one of thy come to me and spoke of my master taking my bebe’s life;
“miserable comforter s are ye all.”
As thy night come,
my Bebe departed this sorrowful world,
thou I never fond of the dead,
but yet I hold my Bebe through thy night.
Thy morning come,
Other of thy,
ask me would liked something,
I gaze to his basket  to find thy Bible
No one can see how much comfort,
this hope brought me,
that everything will be alright.
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 0 0
Woman in Black
Mirror mirror on the wall,
who is that in the hall,
I see a woman on the wall.
Woman long brown hair,
has a frown,
deep chocolate eyes,
I caught a glance of her,
in the market mirror.
One day stare into the mirror,
to see her once again,
but this time,
the woman was in black.
She said to me,
hunt a town not so far from here,
my beloved dear,
if you need me,
I’ll be there.
Whole town is hunted,
the house by the marsh,
is far the worst.
For I am,
the Woman in Black.
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 0 0
The Night
I waited for you but you never came.
I stood there in the rain, waiting for you in the cold night.
My tears streaming down my face,
you couldn’t see them because of the rain.
My body drench but you still not here.
I waited and waited all through
night but you never came.
My heart broke that night.                        
The night you never came.  
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 1 0
Mature content
The Full Course For Sweet Addicts :iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 0 0
The secret side of me
I never let you see
I keep it caged
But I can't control it
So stay away from me
The beast is ugly
I feel the rage
And I just can't hold it
It's scratching on the walls
In the closet, in the halls
It comes awake
And I can't control it
Hiding under the bed
In my body, in my head
Why won't somebody come and save me from this?
Make it end!
I feel it deep within,
It's just beneath the skin
I hate what I've become
The nightmare's just begun
My secret side I keep
Hid under lock and key
I keep it caged
But I can't control it
Cause if I let him out
He'll tear me up
And break me down
Why won't somebody come and save me from this?
Make it end!
I feel it deep within,
It's just beneath the skin
I hate what I've become
The nightmare's just begun
I must confess that I
Feel like a monster
I feel like a monster
It's hiding in the dark
It's teeth are razor sharp
There's no escape for me
It wants my soul,
It wants my heart
No one can hear me scream
Maybe it's just a dream
Or maybe i
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 4 0
For those who are not aware,
this word simply of all mean,
Most of you sleazy,
of the idea of going to school,
even myself at times,
but I always remember,
the old man judicious words,
“those who know nothing, can never understand nothing.”
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 0 0
Love is not all; it is neither bread nor wine,
nor slumber, nor a roof against thy rain,
nor yet a floating spar to thy being that sinks and rises and sinks yet again.
Love cannot fill the thickened lungs with of breath,
nor set thy fractured of bones, yet many of being friends with death.
Even as I speak of thy words, for lack of love alone,
it well may be that in are difficult hour.
Pinned down by pain and moaning for  are releases,
as the blue morph butterfly,
my wings ripped off,
I might be driven to sell my love for peace,
or trade the memory of this night for food.
It well may be. I do not think I would.
:iconmiaamen:MiaAmen 1 0


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hello all to those who read this.
im back with my laptop fixed it sooooooooooooooooooo long
andi the stories i worte are gone so yeah my x reader too -_-"

anyway i ready to go back to work on it so don't worry.
if you have any ideas what i should write  me


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