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MLP tales - Studying by pond



Yes, yes, YES! It's FINALLY done! I swear to any higher being that I was thiiiiis close losing my mind and crying for relief, but it. Is. DONE.

Dis is for wispykitty on LJ. She wanted Ace and Starlight sitting by pond doing homework. I reeeeally hope she'll like it! Ace is probably suggesting that he has something far more interesting in mind than studying and Starlight's all "what else is new"!

I went little crazy with colors, but I wanted to do sunset! And something WARM! It's been so cold here that this picture actually warms me XD Also, yay for anthro ponies! (I can't draw them XD)

This one took... I don't know, lost count after 6 hours... (Yes, this easy/simple piece of art takes me alot of time. I don't care. ... OKAY I DO ;;----;;)

MLP tales (c) Hasbro, I suppose
Picture (c) me, Me, ME!
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I really like how you drew this