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February 14, 2013
The suggester said, "MLP comic - Butterfly by *Mi-eau is an incredible beautiful comic with a lovely simple story." And I completely agree. It's good to see that the artist drew the MLP characters in her own style and making this with such a beautiful story. Truly, this is something worth checking out. And as we celebrate the day of love, let's thank our friends around us.
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MLP comic - Butterfly



The little 4 pages comic I've done last summer for *purplekecleon's MLP artbook : "Merry-Go-Round". I know it has been featured on Equestria Daily yesterday (Thanks for that by the way! It just caused me a few hours of total confusion seeing the sudden afflux of visits lol I almost curled-up in a ball wondering WHY. ALMOST.) so I figured it might as well upload it myself.

You also have another view to it, since these are the original digital files. Even if I don't dislike the texture the printed-then-scanned pages got!

And, yeah, it's about social-anxiety (roughly haha). I felt that point wasn't that much explained in the series, even if included in Fluttershy's character.

Speaking of the book in itself, I will have a few (like, very few : about 10) to sell at french conventions this spring. You (french consorts) will hear more about it when the time comes, but I'm sure to add some bonus to it, to make-up for the lateness compared to the US release! I'm thinking about a small postcard-picture, and a translate sheet with each book at least. Surely more!
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