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“A cry of brokenness, of a desolation and sorrow that was too terrible for one so young to bear, as life and joy was shorn away in a pitiless blow leaving only the shattered remains of a soul behind; such a cry echoed into the night, rising above the thunder and rendering a silence too dreadful to voice among those who heard. For to Fili there was no ray of light for tomorrow, as Kili was the manifestation of hope and laughter and the binding which held them all together through the darkest of storms.”

A Prince’s Disgrace - by Neocolai

Here have some pain

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Amazing! I came here via the FIC. It's absolutely like I imagined it! Bravo!
This is amazing!! Is there a fan-fic story that goes with this one?
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*SNAP* Did you hear that? That was my heart splitting in two. Grr. Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! 
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Beautiful! You captured the moment perfectly!
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*sob* you did such a beautiful job. Oh, my heart. MY BABIESSSS.
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