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I recently found a community of writers on YouTube, called AuthorTube, and joined them.  This is my intro:

During the last few weeks I was building a personal WordPress site in response to DA's upcoming launch of their new Eclipse design.  Unfortunately, my frustrating search for a suitable, user-friendly gallery plugin recently created tension in my marriage, not to mention the anxiety-inducing process I went through to make my site GDPR-compliant.  Suffice it to say, my experience has made me that much more thankful for DA, so much so that I've canceled my project.

In my humble opinion, Eclipse is a disaster waiting to launch in its current form and I am not looking forward to seeing it go live.  Nevertheless, I would rather deal with it than give my wife a reason to make me sleep in the den, so I've decided to resume posting my art.  Meanwhile, I hope DA takes the feedback they continue receiving to heart and reconsider the changes they're planning.
Create and share 3D art more frequently.
Meanwhile, I'm not posting anymore work until I see what happens.
Earlier this evening, I received a notice from DA announcing a massive facelift. It's called Eclipse and the feedback from beta testers is not good.

My first impression after reading the notice was that it looks aesthetically promising, but after reading some of the comments from testers I feel cautiously optimistic.
I'm 47 and have worked for a call center for over 20 years now. Suffice it to say, I want something different. Unfortunately, there's nothing in my area that offers any kind of long-term growth outside of minimum wage positions for people without a College degree, and there aren't any positions within my company that can guarantee the schedule I currently enjoy and is most compatible with me and my wife's needs.

After considerable thought, I've decided to pursue content creation as a side job, creating exclusively for DAZ Studio. I'm gong to keep my day job and most likely remain with my company until I retire, but I need to give my life meaning away from my cubicle.

Wish me luck!
Thank to everyone for the B-Day wishes.  I stopped celebrating after 21 so it's just another number for me.  ;)
For those of you not aware, was a free-access clip site that spotlighted fantasy asphyxia scenes in mainstream movies and TV shows, complete with scene descriptions and comments written by me and a video captured screenshot of every scene.  It was a great ride.  Try as I did, several times since 2011, I couldn't maintain enough self-interest to stay on it.  Considering how often I publicly shared my struggle, I didn't want to risk being accused of crying wolf, so I quietly closed it last June and replaced its content with a brief note about my decision.

I was recently reminded by my registrar that the domain will expire in November. I'm not going to renew it. I've already moved on with much more fulfilling interests (music and 3D art) and am eager to be rid of it.

Someone contacted me shortly after I closed it with an interest in buying the site and taking over updates. I told them they were welcome to the domain name when it expires but its content no longer exists. They didn't follow up. Regardless, I would never let anyone build on my work.

I'm posting this to let any other interested parties know that the domain will be available for purchase after November 15, 2018. That's when it expires. Please don't contact me about buying it or transferring ownership before then. I have no interest in learning how that process works. Simply look for it via your registrar of choice and it should be available.

I'd like to thank everyone for your patronage and support during the 19 years it was online. I greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards,

I stopped reading comic books when I was a kid because I was tired of trying to make sense of how to follow the chain of events (cells) and word balloons.  Consequently, I simply do not have an eye for creating them myself.  Having watched live-action movies all my life, I'm much more accustomed to a frame-by-frame approach to visual storytelling, and most 3D art I see posted on my board uses the same, so I'm going to stick with that method myself.
I tend to shy away from beta versions of apps but thought anyone watching my page might like to know.  Click the link below for details.…

In 2006, I dipped my toe into a massive ocean called the 3D art community. In 2007, I found a message board full of 3D artists who inspired me to learn everything I know about the craft. Art of Darkness was a 3D art board run by an English gent named hieronymous. Thanks to his tireless efforts to maintain the best board I had the pleasure of calling home, I got to know some of the most amazing talents in the 3D art community. Sadly, it no longer exists.

Thanks to hier's encouragement and support, I created Visions of Darkness to carry on the torch. It went live on June 1, 2016. We are an adults-only message board where digital artists can share and discuss their work. Though we welcome conventional 2D media, our primary focus is on 3D art. Our Terms of Service are designed to allow as much artistic freedom and flexibility as possible. However, there are some restrictions, and you should read them before you begin posting.


Like Art of Darkness, VoD offers a vibrant, forum-based community environment where mature art can be enjoyed with as few restrictions as possible, and is founded on constructive interaction between all members.


The digital art industry is constantly evolving. New technology is being developed and new products keep offering more resources we can use to express ourselves. VoD will continue being part of the landscape for years to come as it offers a place where artists of all skill levels can hang out, share their work, and help others while learning from each other to improve their craft.

Here's to the future and all of the artists it will inspire!


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... so I'm going to learn with two new tutorials, one of which was created specifically for Iray:

Iray Shadow Master

Mastering Cameras and Character Composition
I got a note from someone asking me if I still have my Homage to Halloween II (1981).  I do, and it's back online.  :)
Last month, I wrote that I won't be posting any more non-fetish-themed one-offs or technical exercises.  I've changed my mind.  They're too much fun not to create and share, they keep me active, and I enjoy the diversion from my fetish-themed work.
Earlier, I posted a disparaging mini-rant about cryptocurreny miners having driven up the cost of GPUs. If you have any interest in cryptocurrency and were offended by my remarks, I apologize. I should've a used a more neutral tone and have deleted my original post.

The unfortunate truth is that GPU prices have risen significantly thanks to increasingly high demand for hardware capable of mining cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. Consequently, finding a good deal on high-end GPUs has become quite difficult.

Last year, I briefly ran dual 980 Ti's. Last June, I replaced one with a 1080 Ti - The FTW3 edition by EVGA. I've been itching to replace the other so I can run dual 1080 Ti's. Last night, I learned that had several on order and was selling them for $1069 with a one-per-customer limit. That's nearly $300 more than I paid for my first one and the best deal I've seen this year so I reserved a spot. It'll be here next Wednesday.
Million Dollar Murder is only the second multi-render series I've done in 9 years as a 3D artist and was completed in 2016.  It's also much more in line with what I've always wanted to do as a fetish artist.  The trick is figuring out how to translate what's in my head into a virtual environment with the same level of drama and suspense that plays out in my fantasies.  Unfortunately, it's something I've always struggled with, which is why most of my work is a collection of one-offs.
I just submitted the last of my one-offs that I want to re-post.  I now have at least one image for each of the four folders I recreated in my gallery.  I have several more one-offs I've rendered over the years but they were the result of shameful compromise, being too lazy to challenge myself and do what I really wanted.  I have got to get out of my comfort zone.

I'm also going to refrain from posting future technical exercises and filling my gallery with non-fetish themed work.  I got into this hobby to share my asphyxia fantasies with you.  I don't want to waste your time with fluff pieces.
I deactivated my account 28 days ago.  Since then, I have been unable to find an adequate alternative to DA and, frankly, I want to maintain a presence outside of my 3D art board where I can share my work without others having to join the site themselves.  My research into other outlets has led me to conclude that DA created the ideal platform for artists like me when they launched 18 years ago and, despite the issues that prompted me to leave, they have no equal that's as feature-rich and easy to use.  My only hope now is that I won't find my account suspended someday just because someone reported one of my pieces.  Based on my understanding of the TOS, the nature of my work will never violate it so, theoretically, I have nothing to worry about.

 On a positive note, my decision to leave gave me an excuse to clean up my gallery.  I'll begin rebuilding it soon.
PLEASE NOTE: This post has been edited for clarity to further explain why I'm leaving DA.  The clarification was originally my reply to someone in the comments.

I've just learned through my 3D art forum at Visions of Darkness that DA has started taking a more restrictive position on what they deem acceptable mature content.  One artist named Curia-DD was recently suspended for edited content that was considered offensive.  Another artist named LM.Ant whom I know and whose work I'm familiar with was recently asked to remove one of her pieces despite the fact that it does not violate DA's ToS.

I've also read that, in light of this news, several artists are now preparing to leave DA and look for a new home to share their work.  I've decided to follow suit because I don't want to risk someday finding my account suspended due to an inconsistently enforced ToS.  I have no foreseeable intention of planting roots elsewhere.  All of my attention is currently focused on running my board, my clip site, and learning how to play electric guitar.

I've already canceled my Core membership and will close my account at the end of the month.

My four years here have been quite an experience.  I'm glad my work found so many fans.  Thank you all for watching, and for your feedback.  I greatly appreciate it.

Very truly yours,


January 23, 1:45am CST: In preparation for my departure, I've removed all of my non-fetish artwork.
I've started teaching myself how to play electric guitar and created a YouTube channel to share my progress with you.…

I've also launched a new website: