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Rendered April 2016

I love the 1981 version of Halloween II.  One of my favorite death scenes features a Nurse played by Tawny Moyer named Jill.  In the movie, she's in a hallway trying to get Laurie's (Jamie Lee Curtis) attention. When Laurie turns around, she sees Michael Myers appear behind Jill from an adjacent hallway. Jill looks back over her shoulder and sees Michael. He immediately stabs Jill in the back with a scalpel, and lifts her off the floor, keeping her suspended until she dies.

In my render, it's Halloween night and the Hospital's Janitor has decided to play a fatal trick on Doctor Jill. When she's finished washing, she looks up and sees him standing behind her in the mirror. Before she can ask what he's doing, he stabs her in the back with a scalpel and lifts her off the floor, forcing her to watch herself die.

My favorite moment in Jill's scene in the movie is right before she takes her last breath. The look of fear and pain on her face as Michael lifts her up and her body pivots uncontrollably on the scalpel are exquisite. For this project, I wanted to recreate that moment and her expression with my character.

I especially love the foot shot in the movie, when Jill's shoes drop to the floor after she's dies. Instead of rendering two separate images, I took advantage of the mirror to show both my character's expression, and her dangling feet.
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