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Patreon! Reward descriptions: 5 exclusive images for patreon supporters. + all other images made during the month at the size of the tier you select.

Tier 1 : $3 each month
  • Receive all monthly art at 1.5K pixels width.
  • Make sugestions on characters and vote for them.

Tier 2: $5 each month
  • Receive all monthly art at 3k pixel width.
  • 600dpi line art of images.
  • Make sugestions on characters and vote for them.

Tier 3: $10 each month
  • Receive all monthly art at 6k pixels width.
  • 600dpi line art of images.
  • Make sugestions on characters and vote for them.

Tier NSFW: $15 each month

  • Rewards from Tier 3 ( 6k images)
  • 1 NSFW image
  • variations of the NSFW image if time allows it
  • a NSFW variation of one non-NSFW image from the T3 tier
  • Make suggestions on character/scene and vote for them
  • LIMITS: no underage characters, no exposed genitalia, no depictions of rape or excessive gore.

Tier 4: $30

  • Receive all monthly art at 6k pixels width.
  • 600dpi line art of images.
  • Make sugestions on characters and vote for them
  • I draw your character. (1 character, simple background) 
  • ** this is a $15 discount if you order a private commission any other way.
  • if you want an additional character, please pledge an additional $15

If you like to be a part of my patreon, you can go here: MHunt Patreon


Private Commissions

  • Story pages have a base price of $100. (US dollars).
  • Base price $45. Full Color. (US dollars) (1 character/simple background, $25 each additional character))
  • I work digital, there's no 'hard copy' material.
  • You get a full color image at 600dpi and 11x17 inches when printed.
  • Price can increase depending on number of characters and background selected.
  • I reserve the right to post the commission on my DA, will 'watermark' if commissioner requests.
  • Provide links if specific version/look of a character is wanted. There's plenty here on DA.
  • I will NOT do explicit sex stuff.
  • Commissions are done in the order that payment for it is received. No work is started without payment.

Payment Information.

  • Pay Pal
  • Western Union (be aware that WU fee for the transaction can be expensive)


Click on the 'Note' buttom above.



Kinetics webcomic can also be seem here: Kinetics - WebToons

The webtoons platform is suitable for mobile devices.



I opened some stores where you can buy different kind of merchandise that features my art: prints, purses, iPad cases, etc.. I'll keep adding new art options as time goes by. I opened stores at 2 of the main platforms: Society6 and RedBubble

RedBubble Store
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Hey, mhunt,

Your terms seem perfectly to me, I just want to be certain on one thing. Please, may you define "explicit sexual stuff."?
mhunt's avatar
actual sex, nudity, sexual assault and extreme violence comes to mind.
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Hi, it makes me sad to see that someone with so much talent only has 3 patrons so I increased this by 33%.  I still think you have too many tiers though and, if you want to grow your number of patrons, I could offer you some advice.
mhunt's avatar
thanks! I've been cheeking on other users that offer drawn images and so far I've found the base rewards of images at different sizes that work better for me as far as producing them. The last 2 tiers: NSFW is also based off other people offerings, that is, one of the same images with some nudity on it, and finally the $40 Tier is the same price of a regular private commission, in case people may find it easier to pay using the Patreon system instead of other payment methods. Besides that, what others (drawn images)  offers are brushes, PSD and videos. I don't use photoshot (or windows) so a PSD just like brushes  may not be 100% compatible and I'm not into making videos. So I'm trying to promote it as I can.  Thanks for the pledge!
Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar
Awesome to see the updated Pateron stuff MH. Also might need to investigate a commission in the future.