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It's tough trying to start something you or we love and keep that going; be noticed....I made a online portfolio… while I do have work on here too...It's probably been a while since I added something. I just have fun with the software I have an utilize them. I created a pokeball, something with the sims diamond and text, and a bunch of other things like tweaking my logo for my portfolio without tracing, just an image for reference etc. If you have visited my portfolio feel free to like my page on Facebook… please don't steal my work! If you're into art you can join a group I founded called The Artist's Corner where you can share, post or discuss art-related things all artists are welcome…

Thank you!

Title- Mystery of Waynewright Manor

[plot] A series of mysterious murders riddled with complications and questionable facts which leads Sophia to help a once retired detective Edward Moore to travel to her secluded yet gloomy inherited island home that belonged to her family. To solve the unexplained murder related to the death of his fiancee Mary however During their stay a storm left Detective Edward Moore stranded on the island and strange events start to reveal themselves to them.

It's been years since I last set foot on this island. I haven't remembered much about this place which brought back horrible memories that still haunt me. The last time I was here was with my biological father. Who wasn't aware of me existence until recently that I was his daughter. His family hated my mother becuase she was a bourgeois woman. Regardless my father truly loved her. After his proposal she was pregnant with me, which offended them becuase my father had a child with bourgeois woman out of wedlock. They decided to force my mother out of the mansion, by lying to her that my father is engaged to be married, and made her think she's a homewrecker. Feeling guilty she secretly left without telling my father.

My mother gave birth to me making people thought I was a prostitute's bastard child, and they shunned us wherever we go, despite this my mother held dearly onto the engagement ring my father had given to her. After her death I had a difficult childhood which people shunned me as they did to my mother, and I never understood why becuase I was so naively young. Gradually I started to grow up mistrusting people. But then I met a man name Go who was a gigolo at a gentleman's club, he didn't care how people looked at me or the fact that people will assume I'm his bastard child. He raised me like his daughter. Taught me how to survive in this world, and told me I should charm my way into win people's hearts. It's was still difficult to grasp what he said to me, but I finally understood what he meant when I was older.

Today was my sixteeth birthday papa Go always doted on me, and I became somewhat spoiled due to his parenting skills. He gathered a several people to help celebrate my birthday, they each had their part in helping him raising me. We were like family. Hugh was a man in his late 30s who was the bartender of this gentleman's club who often scolds papa Go that he's spoiling me, he was always knew what to do. Martha the club's manager. She became my surrogate mother who was strict when it comes to my upbringinging which often conflicted with papa Go. There was the