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Petalscattered by mhtg Petalscattered :iconmhtg:mhtg 7 0
My thoughts on LoK season 2 ep
My thoughts on LoK season 2 episodes 1 & 2
I am TIRED of people saying that Korra's behavior isnt the way it should be and she isnt acting mature. Why because she's a teenager (otherwise known as a bag of meat, blood, bones and a shit ton of hormones) Now one may say that she is more of a biych then in season one well maybe maybe not she is certainly slightly more playful, and Nickelodeon wont tell us (well i hope they wont) if her current behavior is do to biological reasons related to the phase of the moon sorta...
Now that thats off my chest I would like to announce despite current relationships i still ship Bosami. Also WHO didnt know upon realising the episode number that Korra wasnt being played... Even so playing your own niece? Thats LOW and prideless. I could say alot more but i wont this week cause i dont want to, nothing is meaty enough yet for a full blown theory. ~~~~~~mhtg out
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to Adainator1 by mhtg to Adainator1 :iconmhtg:mhtg 1 0
Mature content
extreme protection TG :iconmhtg:mhtg 2 1
new mega spider dalek bunker mode by mhtg new mega spider dalek bunker mode :iconmhtg:mhtg 1 0 new mega spider dalek land mode by mhtg new mega spider dalek land mode :iconmhtg:mhtg 0 0 new mega spider dalek fly mode by mhtg new mega spider dalek fly mode :iconmhtg:mhtg 1 0 Were is our dear Zog by mhtg Were is our dear Zog :iconmhtg:mhtg 1 1 Lego Tardis inside 1.1.1 by mhtg Lego Tardis inside 1.1.1 :iconmhtg:mhtg 3 5 Lego Tardis inside 1.1 by mhtg Lego Tardis inside 1.1 :iconmhtg:mhtg 1 7 Quick draw Cyberman by mhtg Quick draw Cyberman :iconmhtg:mhtg 0 9 Dalek Quicky by mhtg Dalek Quicky :iconmhtg:mhtg 0 0 quick draw Tardis by mhtg quick draw Tardis :iconmhtg:mhtg 1 0
Korra fan-fic Benders guild to defeating Mecha
For Earth Benders shift the ground directly in-front of the treads so that one goes up while the other goes down-they have a high center of gravity that will do the rest.
For water benders, there are multiple approaches to disabling said mecha easiest when there is not an abundance of water near by is sneak around them and cut off the support rod in the back-this is the weakest point on the mecha and probably one of the most important, without it the mecha losses balance at the next sudden movement. Provided a large body of water and the skill one must only drench it and short its circuits.
For fire benders again multiple approaches, melt the treads soften the gears melt the support rod, electrocute the torso (a well aimed bolt through the torso in between the plates should damage the control systems)
It can be noted direct, head on attacks may only push them back and are a waist of energy
in addition do not try dragging them with cable they will electrocute you, do not think that jump
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tg attack on Ultimale by mhtg tg attack on Ultimale :iconmhtg:mhtg 0 0
Zelda concept
My idea of a Zelda tittle
Background-The story is of 3 realms each realm has a respective tri-force, first being the light world of Hyrule lost its tri-force of power(Ganandorf), the second being the shadow realm of Twili having its tri-force wisdom stolen (from now cursed Midna by Zant), the third being the blood realm of hatirous that lost its courage. A corner of each of the stolen tri-forces is used to create a supper boss.
to be continued
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(COM) Sun Paw: Husky Pup TF TG AR - Page 2 by SparkBolt3020 (COM) Sun Paw: Husky Pup TF TG AR - Page 2 :iconsparkbolt3020:SparkBolt3020 18 0 A Fix For The Boss TG by arukesuke A Fix For The Boss TG :iconarukesuke:arukesuke 125 4 Keeping your Guard Up Complete Preview by areg5 Keeping your Guard Up Complete Preview :iconareg5:areg5 12 1
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MSF High: Chapter 11 p2 by AkuOreo MSF High: Chapter 11 p2 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 47 5 Just a Little Girl Part 5 by areg5
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Just a Little Girl Part 5 :iconareg5:areg5 41 14
Mahou Galaxy: Chapter 1
It was starting to get dark.  While for most people, this would mean a return to home to rest, Keith didn't have that luxury.  This was his first year on his own, and numerous things that seemed important at the time hinged on his ability to ignore both the Sun's and his own body's messages and continue working the fields.  He'd already managed to take care of most of the big parts of the job, the tractor he drove to do them tucked away squarely in the barn.   For the rest of the night, his only planned companions were the postholer he was carrying, the matching posts he'd set apart at intervals to plant in the holes, and the roll of barbed wire he was going to string between them to keep in and out whichever creatures needed keeping in or out.  As the sun set even further and the floodlight he had turned on stretched his shadow off toward the horizon, he was for a moment a little jealous that the source of light and life on his wo
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 56 22
The click 6 by supervis24
Mature content
The click 6 :iconsupervis24:supervis24 12 0
Add Some Spice (Flareon Plush TF)
"Thank you for tuning in to the news," the weatherman said from the TV. "Please stay tuned for more on the approaching snowstorm." Gabriel switched off the TV. He turned out the window and saw the approaching clouds. As if the weather couldn't get any colder, now a snowstorm was approaching. It had gotten down into the low twenties, and it was only early October. If autumn is this cold, what is winter going to be like? Gabriel thought. 
    Gabriel was your average 17 year old. He had short, but neat brown hair. Not that any one could see it all, as it was usually hidden under a hat. He had an average build, and was slightly taller than most his age. He had brown eyes that matched his hair under a pair of black, rectangular glasses. He usually wore a simple T-shirt, but that didn't stop his pale skin from getting burned in the summer. Luckily for him, that season had passed, and he preferred to stay indoors. 
    Gabriel got up off the couch and
:iconnorithekid:NoriTheKid 23 2
Reluctantly Pretty by spyleader149 Reluctantly Pretty :iconspyleader149:spyleader149 95 4 Transformation Serum - Betrayed by p-l-richards
Mature content
Transformation Serum - Betrayed :iconp-l-richards:p-l-richards 91 9


1. Tenzin saying "Air Bending isnt about why its about Why not."
2. Cake
3. a companion object
4. a flaming lemon
5. a maximum security volt with a portal door
7. something about cake being a lie
8. Enrichment Centers
9. Blue paint
10 all these are based on the fact Tenzin = Cave Johnson

any one who gives me more ideas gets "cake"


Michael Halpern
Artist | Varied
United States
love Daleks the Doctor and legos

all procedes stay as pionts


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