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Dominus Engine -v0.39a-

-Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia-
-[DOMINUS Engine]-

Controls (UPDATED):
Space= Jump
Z = Back Dash
X = Left-handed Attack
C = Right-handed Attack
Arrow Keys= Movement
(Press Down + Space to slide kick)

UPDATED 11/30/2014 to build v0.39a:
*Fixed a glitch where Shanoa would perform a slide kick while standing and attacking. 
*Fixed a glitch where the landing sound would play at the start of the test level

Current Features in Tech Demo v0.39:
*Flash build available and HTML5 (near future).
*Most physics are implemented, including: Walking, Jumping, Double Jumping (possible upgrade), Crouching, Slide Kicking (possible upgrade, does not currently damage enemies), Back Dashing, and Slope Detection.
*Basic attack system (supports multiple physical glyph weapons although only the Sword is currently available.)
*Basic damage recoil system (attack differs depending on player state).
*Functional mana system (attacking drains MP, cannot attack when MP is zero)
*Basic enemy system, includes re-spawning zombies.
*Wygol village exterior map (ripped by Geckosan)
*parallax backgrounds

There's not too much here yet, but I'm looking for some feedback and would like your opinions on the project so far. Please check out this build and leave a comment! All criticism and ideas are appreciated!

Older Updates:
-Revamped the damage recoil system. Shonoa reacts differently when attacked on the ground, in the air, and whether she's attacked from the front or behind. Damage knock-back feels much more natural now.
-MP System now working. Attacking with left / right hand weapons drains MP, MP is recovered at a steady rate while you are not attacking.
-Revamped weapons system, attacking in different poses is now much more consistent than before.
-Added randomized voice sounds that play when attacking and back dashing
Added a WIP damage animation system. Health doesn't get subtracted, and the test enemy has no AI as of yet. Will be tweaked in later additions.
Added a HUD with graphics extracted from Order of Ecclesia. HUD is currently not functional, will be tweaked in later additions.
Added a double jump feature! Ack, looks like you can jump out of the stage. Will fix that one later... Also corrected a bug where pressing "Z" would half the FPS (debug feature).
So, what's new? Well, quite a lot of seemingly arbitrary "behind the scenes" stuff, basically. I did, however, completely revamp the attack animation engine, and modified fixed a ton of glitches dealing with the attacking sequence itself. Also, Build v0.25a allows you to attack while crouched! I'll seriously try to keep this updated, I know there's not to do here at the moment but hopefully I'll bea ble to add enemies and different weapon glyphs soon. Questions? Comments? Post them below!

Programmed by Dragon.

Sprites from Castlevania Order of Ecclesia
Music was composed by Michiru Yamane and Yasuhiro Ichihashi.
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Not bad. Seems to be off to a good start.
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Very, very good, congratulations. Do you have a blog or a web site? Do you plan to release the engine in the future? It will require code, and/or will have a easy interface?
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This is shaping up to be something incredible.
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Thanks man, I've actually added a lot to the engine since this build. I'll be uploading a new demo soon, so stay tuned for more on Dominus Engine!
game window is too small.  :( 
MHQ-Dragon's avatar
Yeah, I'm trying to see if I can make it x2 scaling by default but I'm having some trouble doing that through DeviantArt. Stay tuned for the flash fix, but in the mean time you can check out an executable build for Windows in my Dominus Engine thread on Castlevania Dungeon. Thanks for your support!
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