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This is where questions asked by group members is documented; these questions come from the various journals around the group, notes sent into the group, and even from the questions channel in the mhoat discord. If there are any questions you may have for the group feel free to ask them in any of the three ways listed above, the mods will gladly answer any questions sent to the group when we can!

Edit: Archived some previously asked questions, as well as previous mini faqs kept in other journals across the group!


Who can join the group?
Anyone, even those who don't own mhoats are welcome to join the group, we want anyone interested in the species to feel welcome in taking part in the species and that includes being a part of the group.

Mhoat Related

Can I redesign my mhoat?
Mhoats may be redesigned for free as long as they resemble the original design, but should an owner wish to redesign a mhoat beyond this they will need to buy a redesign kit through the group shop. (Shop is currently in the works!)

How tall are mhoats?
Mhoats come in a variety of height and body types but there are some general ranges across the species. Height varies between the two forms mhoats prefer, feral and anthro, with the latter form being the taller one and ranging anywhere from four to eight foot tall. The feral form is generally 3/4ths of the anthro height, which means an eight foot tall anthro mhoat would be six foot at the shoulder in their feral form.

Mhoats can alter their form?
Yes, as long as the overall sense of mass remains the same a mhoat can alter their body appearance as they see fit. Examples of this would be changing body type, making their body smaller than the average height, or even strange things like altering specific body parts. Mhoat can alter themselves like this because they are magical constructs that also exist as living beings, so while they are confined to a form they have some control over that form from their own personal magic.

So, if mhoats are magic constructs then can mhoats use magic intentionally?
Absolutely, mhoats have innate magic like the form alteration mentioned above but they can also control simple elemental magics with enough practice. More advanced magic requires special trials to be passed, one type of magic that requires this is flight which would begin with air element mastery, gaining the knowledge for the glide spell, and then full flight as they develop this advanced magic. (Magic trials are currently in the works!)

Caps Bank Questions

What are caps?
Lore-wise, caps are the primary currency used across the mhoat islands. For members, they are the group currency that can be used to purchase a variety of items and pets from the shop. (Shop is currently in the works!)

How are caps earned?
Caps are earned by members when they draw art or write literature that depicts their personal mhoats, the group mascot and npcs, or as a gift for other mhoat owners. This means that even non-owners may earn caps, which can be traded in for myo slots in the shop. (Shop is currently in the works!)

Do commissions count for caps?
Yes, the one who commissions the art gets a single cap for each piece they commission by another artist and the one commissioned gets full caps for their art along with the same bonus. This gives an incentive to those who want to commission art of their mhoat, as well as encourage those who are commissioned to draw a mhoat to take part in the species.

Lore Related

What are the islands that travel the mhoat world?
The island mhoats live on are really giant creatures that resemble turtles with dragon-like features. Each island is unique and holds deep wells of magic that can be used to create the various creatures that inhabit their island, even mhoats were created by the islands. All creatures created by the islands serve the purpose of assisting in reducing the parasitic fungus that grows unchecked and reduce the number of parasites that live on or around the islands.

How is the mhoat species structured on a societal and familial level?
On a societal level mhoats are allowed some level of individuality, but are also expected to put the good of the island ahead of selfish desires. This same mindset applies to families, communities being strongly connected families that share the role of raising young mhoats as if everyone were related. Naturally, there are exceptions to this; mhoats who follow their desires or single family units that exist most commonly less populated islands.
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