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Mhoat are goat-like creatures created by the living islands they call home, both these draconic-islands and mhoats depend upon one another for survival as they move throughout a world of oceans.

In this group, join mhoats in their daily lives be it while harvesting mushrooms and rooting out parasites to aid the islands or exploring the wonders of their world. Here you can acquire a design, submit art, take part in prompts/events, and many other things. You don't even need to own a mhoat to join, just send in a request and start earning the group currency with art to get your own mhoat!

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Mhoats: Bundle Up!
The cold season is nearing its end, but mhoats are still bundled up in their warmest clothing, show your mhoat in their best (or worst) winter fashion!


  • If you want to use a mhoat owned by another person or volunteer your own, you can check out the volunteer comment here[link]!
  • The theme of the image must somehow be related to The Pipom Harvest and associated mini-prompts!
  • This prompt requires a waist-up or fullbody piece with a background done in flat colors or a written piece 1000+ words to earn the rewards!
  • Extra rewards may be earned with the addition of another mhoat; collaborations earn full rewards for both participants!
  • There is no restriction on the number of pieces you may submit for this prompt - feel free to submit as many as you would like~
  • Completing this prompt will give participants 10 Frosty Berries, the winter season currency! Including an additional mhoat will give a bonus 5 Frosty Berries.

This prompt will end on February 28th at 11:59 CST (GMT-6)!

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Crystal-LuvsDiamonds Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Question: I changed accounts, would I have to make another Mhoat? My old account was ElementalWolfy.
Auriole Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2020  Professional
Nope, ownership and cap/inventory can all the transferred to the new account. If you comment on your mhoat's masterlist entry with the old account (elementalwolfy) letting us know of the new account then we can update it accordingly.
Crystal-LuvsDiamonds Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok Iíll do that
Sdog88art Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2020   Digital Artist
Hey question how do I get caps?
Auriole Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2020  Professional
Caps are earned for any art pieces submitted to the group, so all you need to do is upload and submit art into the gallery here c:
Sdog88art Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2020   Digital Artist
Am assuming of others moahts!
Auriole Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2020  Professional
Your personal mhoats or others, all art earns caps but gifts do earn you slightly more.
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stareorini Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2020  Hobbyist
hey you!!

you, who decided to scroll down over here!!

i just want to say,,

i hope you're having a lovely day! Smol heart emoticon
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Auriole Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2019  Professional
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, but in the future, we would prefer any such warnings be sent to the group in a note rather than on the group's front page c:
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