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Welcome to the Realm of Mynros!

This group is an ARPG for Mhoats, the Realm of Mynros world, and its other species. This group is considered a secondary, optional hub for members to submit the images they create of the species. Any official ARPG functions must be completed on the RoM Website!

Mhoats are a goat and insect mix-like species, varying in appearance, looking like goats or more feline or canine-like. A large part of the mhoat bodies are made of goo, allowing them to shapeshift, which most mhoats use to change between bipedal or quadruped forms. This goo also has the unique property of glowing in the dark. There are a subspecies of Aquatic mhoats that look more fish-like in appearance.

Vabbits are a rabbit-like species that are a recent addition to the Realm of Mynros as they were made by the mhoat gods Yel and Myn not long ago. They have large arms covered in plates that blows out steam. As they like to dig down and work in very hot temperatures.

The Realm of Mynros world has islands that are called turtonics, they are large dragon-like turtle islands that have parasitic fungus growing on them. The turtonics created mhoats to live on them for the purpose of eating/breaking down this fungus. They are the main living places for these species!

You can get a MYO by drawing and earning caps to buy them. We are also adding more lore, as well we have prompts and events to jump into at any time. If you'd like to join in the species we recommend visiting the Realm of Mynros site, and signing up!

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March brings the return of the Spring Festival in the Realm of Mynros, marking the shift from the cold of winter into the gentle warmth of spring. Nature reawakens and with it, an abundance of new pets can be found in every nook and cranny of the islands. Among the activities available this season, Anisa is holding a special adoption fair that includes a variety of unique pet designs to be raffled off to the participants. To be entered for the raffle, you only need to enter the 'Adoption Fair' seasonal activity and let us know which design you wish to enter for in the description. All the available designs can be found located on the raffle post linked below. Adoption Fair Raffle Design The seasonal event will be running until the end of May, so there is plenty of time to take part and collect a unique raffle pet of your own created by the mods and staff of RoM. Alongside this special activity comes a release of new traits, pets, and badges all fitting to the season. Alongside the
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Question: I changed accounts, would I have to make another Mhoat? My old account was ElementalWolfy.

Nope, ownership and cap/inventory can all the transferred to the new account. If you comment on your mhoat's masterlist entry with the old account (elementalwolfy) letting us know of the new account then we can update it accordingly.

Hey question how do I get caps?

Caps are earned for any art pieces submitted to the group, so all you need to do is upload and submit art into the gallery here c:

Am assuming of others moahts!

Your personal mhoats or others, all art earns caps but gifts do earn you slightly more.

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