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Aradia Stares Into Your Soul

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person: hOMOSUCK SUCKS1!

Everyone here: Aradia Stares Into Your Soul ur fucked
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how did I get here
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Silly mortal: GamVris sucks. GamKan is better.
Me: Aradia Stares Into Your Soul You wanna go bitch?
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 Aradia Stares Into Your Soul GamTav is better, for you are the GamVris peasant!
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lmao it's better for me to be a Gamvris peasant haha
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Some gay bronylord: Oh yeah, at least I'm not a faggot.
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I'm not gay for anyone what
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any ships involving gamzee are immediately bad because yes
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Someone: PZPTH is disgusting.
Me: Aradia Stares Into Your Soul whatthefuckyousaidmotherfucker
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True story v

Someone: Eridan is a shitty character

Me: Aradia Stares Into Your Soul saywhatmotherfucker??
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He's not a bad character but he is an asshole
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Yas honey!
I'm givin you a llama badge for bein so awwesome!
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True that. Ne needs protection.
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