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Rainmeter Iron Mad HUD Desktop

By mhinckley3
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An attempt at an Iron Man HUD with a Vibranium chest piece for a clock. The weather skin expands by clicking anywhere within the frame. The following skins were modded for looks.

TWC 7 Day by SGT. E. V. McKay
AppLauncher by Kaelri
SystemAll by Chewtoy
Recycle by minhtrimatrix
SimpleDriveHDD by Chewtoy
TrayClock by Kaelri
Network by Kaelri
Music-Winamp+ by Kaelri
Volume by nasasempai
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i have the clock and it's a little big,but man it's a nice one.
i have to scale it
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Sooooo...any downloads? This is all EXACTLY what i've been looking for...but all I can get is the clock that you have in your gallery. Plan on releasing the downloads for the other items? Would really really really really like to have all of this!
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can u post ur theme plz

also where can i get the volume meter and gmail notifier
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I disabled the link to the Vibranium clock above. It can now be found here.

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please let me download this theme
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I'll try and post everything in the modded skins section in the next couple of weeks. My schedule is about to get really busy with finals starting tomorrow and graduation this weekend.
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Nice shot! Do the Vibranium clock's colored triangle bar change depending on the time?
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Thanks! The triangle will fill in as the time changes and the different transparencies act as the hands of the clock.
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I would like to take a look at the code to see how you 've accomplished that. Please let me know if you decide to release it. :)
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Basically I created 3 circles of different transparencies, one for each clock hand, using roundlines and then put an image on top. The image is black with a transparent triangle so the circles show through. Here is a link where you can download my .ini file and .png image.

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That is brilliant! Thank you for sharing it with me. Beautiful idea.
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
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