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My 1st tattoo

This is my 1st tattoo. Love it, thought I'd share.

I'm gonna get them extended when I go back to the artist. I'd like them to be bigger.

If by chance you get the same let me far as I know I'm the only one with this exact one.

original was drawn by Annikki
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Dude this was your FIRST?! omg points for endurance! Getting back tattoos hurt! When I got my angel tattoo I was clinging to the table for dear life lol
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I'm looking for a pair of wings and these have by far been the best I've seen.
very beautiful, it complements your back nicely :)
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I also would like to know how much this was if you don't mind my asking?
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I'm looking to get a pair of wing tattoos as well. I want mine to be larger and to go farther down my back. I'm trying to do research (my first tattoo). Do you mind if I ask like... how much it was? And how bad it hurt? I have a pretty good pain tolerance.

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how much did it cost you if you dont mind me asking?
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So pretty! What does it feel like- I've heard bee stings and like getting a shot
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I love these. I am going to have mine done in sequences where they look nice in-between sessions.

May I ask for some light to be shed on the price?
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to the left, to the left!
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Wow they fit your back perfectly, good luck with extending and getting them shaped right again :)
They fit your back sooooo well it makes me want to get wings!

... Looks great. :)
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WOW!! I Love those wings!!!! I really like the kind of feathers you choose for them... they are kind of similar Im using in my back... lol!!
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wowww, awesome =D
I was browsing for wing tattoos, because some I've seen aren't placed well, so wanted to see as many varieties as possible.

I love the way yours are done, they're so pretty X3
as if they're actually coming out of your back =3

now I know where to place mine when I (eventually) go to get mine done.
Think I'll draw my own though =3
Thanks for uploading ^^
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Thanks, Glad you like them.
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My name is Angel, I'm excited and can't wait to get my wings. But I can't afford it yet and I wanted to draw them myself!
wow thats not bad at all. awesome
how long did this take? in about a month or so im getting wings about that size on my back.. i just was wondering
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it took one session 3 and 1/2 hours...maybe 4 I can't remember anymore.
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I've wanted to get wing tattoos as well but I was worried about how badly it would hurt.. how was it for you when you had this done?
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It wasn't too bad. I actully enjoyed it in a weird way. I want another on my rib cage and I'll get these extended whenever I see my artist again.
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wow..that looks great. i found this pic lookn for ideas for my 1st tat.. i just want one frickin giant wing. hah

nice pic. the hands comin back around make this pic really good
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great first tattoo
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