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I've notice the updates/comments on DA have been a lot less frequent. I barely upload anything onto here (maybe once a year). So I'm just wondering, does anyone still use this site? I might just fully switch to tumblr.

I don't really update my DA that often, so I uploaded some stuff from the past year.

If you want more frequent updates, my tumblr and twitter are better places to go.

Take it sleazy

Who's going to CTN this year??
Doesn't seem like a lot of people are using blogger anymore so i made a tumblr.

Ive been busy doing a book and developing a TV show. So as per usual, i wont be updating that often :/

Have a good weekend yall!

So who's going??
The CTN Animation Expo is less than a month away! For those of you who don't know, CTN Expo is an event for professionals and students in the field of animation. There's also some overlap with illustration, film, video games and new media. It's hosted in the Marriott Hotel Convention Center in Burbank California. Nov 18-20th. More info here:

This will be my second time going. I had a lot of fun last year. Met all kinds of interesting people and like minded students. Inspiring stuff. Looking forward to it again this year!

So, who's going?
Super talented storyboard artist at Dreamworks Animation. He's a huge inspiration to me.


Show him some love!
I finally finished my degree last week. I thought it would be a load off my shoulders but it feels exactly the same. It might take some time to kick in. I've started working on some new development work for some studios. Can't say anything about it for a while, you know how it is. Although I am busy, I will try to keep the level of posting relatively the same as I have in the past.. possibly more on my blog.

Today, I finally reached  4,000 watchers! Which is kind of a big deal for me...not sure why. So I'd like to thank everyone for checking out my page.

Also, I've been on Twitter for a short time now and I have to say I really enjoy it. Its more about being connected and up to date with things. Rather than telling others when you've had a bowel movement...but I do update people regarding my stool. Often.

Heres my Twitter

Who is going to CTN?

I'll be the obese man with Cheetos on his shirt...just kidding..they'll be Doritos.