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February 23, 2010
City Pan by =mhannecke - incredible!
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City Pan

Sorry...Big file.

This is from last summer, decided to finish it this week. Part of a pan animation, with multiplane awesomeness. Never finished the clean up on all the animated cells, I had some issues with the BG, so I didn't composite it. I learned alot though.

Col-erase + Photoshop CS4
Copyright Matias Hannecke 2010
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© 2010 - 2022 mhannecke
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gorillaz style =)
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This picture would an easy 10/10 if it wasn't for the zany, creepy character. But maybe you're creepy as well. Ha ^^;
Good work btw.
GlamouringAsMortal's avatar
I love that your city looks "lived in" -- it's not so perfectly shiny-new and pristine. I think a lot of artists overlook that. Even in well-manicured areas, things should have a certain amount of wear to them, assuming they're exposed to the elements or contain any amount of deciduous vegetation.

Very cool.
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man that is awesome work!
Kperfect's avatar
woooawsome !!!!!
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I imagine you did learn a lot *jealously criticizes your work*.
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Thought you might like to know that someone used an edited version of this as a banner for their companies Facebook page (I assume without your permission).

Jace-Twice's avatar
whoops, looks like you already know. Gotta read the recent comments more often.

Crazy good work dude. I love the how colorful you've made the scene despite it being a run-down area.
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Just if you are interested you got a glory rip :D
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Thanks for showing me this.
ragdolls-and-robots's avatar
Dude, I absolutely love your style! I dunno what issues you had with the BG but the detail on this is magnificient! I will try and copy you from now on!! :wow:
curlpop's avatar
aaaah :) constant source of inspiration!
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Wow! Brilliant. Keep it up!
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dude sweet art i enjoy that guy walking though the hood plus i love the color
honeyflavourcom's avatar
superb - great scene for a game :)
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This is very cool work. Im doing something similar to what your doing, only thing is, its for a game. When I have permission to show it, you'll be the first.
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That background is SICK. You have skills.
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I really like the style. Well done!
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this is sick man... i like e color...
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