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Sleepy and Hungry

Just wanna do a quick art with "Squirtle" and his Trainer Casey eating a pockey stick.

Don't ask why I named the Mudkip "Squirtle"
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Personally I love naming pokemon after other pokemon. It causes confusion for free!

makes me think of the old days of Pokémon were it use to be a game to chill and relax

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mudkip was my starter in Sapphire, (first pokemon game that was solely mine and not shared with friends or siblings)

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Nice to see these two again after so long. :)

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Heck, anything with a Mudkip will ALWAYS look cute.

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LoL, imagine a girl seeing this and wanting to steal a kiss, or worse they think Trainer Casey is hitting on them and getting flustered.

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If this isn't a vibe, then nothing is.

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Totally a vibe :D

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Bad combo my guy. Love the art!
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Thank you :)

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Oh wow, it's been a hot second since I've seen Squirtle and Casey ;u; Still amazing art as always, great job Mgx0! ouo

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Thanks! I wanna do more on this soon!

Adorable. The only thing that would this better is that if Yuno would make an appearance.

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Someday. Just not now :)

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