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Commission: Infinity Keyblade Wars

Commission for DSMT of his of Sora and Thanos fighting in the Keyblade Graveyard.

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Oh boy... full Gauntlet? Guess we're saying that either the keyblade or the fact that Sora is from a different world leaves our Islander immune to being snapped... else there's not much reason for Thanos to bother with an actual fight.

Or if Thanos cuts himself off from his awareness to the full power of the Gauntlet. That's why he actually bothered to fight the Avengers in the actual comic when he could have easily snapped them away like he did the rest of the universe.

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True.... though I was thinking in terms of MCU Thanos (which I presume is the version intended for this artwork) which is VERY different from Comics Thanos.

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I would Pay to see this Epic fight in All it's Glory

Some would pay more to play the fight.

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(but it would be a lot better if Thanos was in his iconic armor... just my opinion)

It would be awesome as it would most likely include a sword on sword clash between him and Sora like what happened during the fight with Shan Yu in 'Kingdom Hearts 2'.

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Now I want more epic crossovers like this one!

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The Crossover I never knew that I wanted it...NIIIIIIIIICE^^😁😁

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at this point i'd be down for this to be a secret boss :D

have some fun stylish infinity stone related bits

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I want him or Darth Vader for a super boss.

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Now, that would be a clash of the titan fight for all ages.

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This is a cool fight scene. Sora vs Thanos going at each other while leaving the audience in suspense. Who will be left standing?

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A battle with two ancient weapons might shake the multiverse apart.

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Ooooo! *Sits In The Front Row*

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*Vim and Vigor plays*

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Hot damn this looks amazing. Sora vs Thanos, amazing work^^

Minor thing, I got a fanfic involving KH that is a working process and it's going to be a three fic series.

First one is the current and not only is it a rewrite of the series past 2 but it's crossing over with Warhammer (40k and age of Sigmar.) with a bit of Dark Souls.

Second one is kind of a cross over between my two fic verses. (Pokemon.)

But number three, this is when I make a recurring theme of big bads trying to fill the void left behind after Xehanort got taken down for good. They are the main villainous force even if they don't work together.

Bill Cipher.

Zhan Tiri.

Palpatine and a couple others.

But the one that is going to shake everything and cause some destruction is Thanos! The Death obsessed Mad Titan.

While I have plans of making an OC of mine the final boss for Sora n his destiny buddies to fight, that OC isn't the villain. (Main antagonist, but NOT a villain.)

I'm brain storming what Thanos is going to do since the other three are very much going to pull what they did in their series canon. A lot of them are going to be nasty.

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Thanos, at least the MCU version that Disney owns, isn't focused on death. As What If showed, he is more concerned about the sustainability of the universe. Imagine learning that there are inhabited worlds whose precious resources far surpass the couple dozen characters living within. He wouldn't be a killer, he would be a conqueror, installing economic-friendly robots (solar powered) to farm the worlds and ship their surplus goods to worlds that need it most.

Of course, having a dictator that invades worlds, even if his inhabitation doesn't directly rule the residents, can still get Yen Sid's attention.


Bill Cipher is Chaos incarnate. Since he is more on the metal and dream planes, maybe he is trapped in a Gravity Falls Dream World. Freeing the world releases Bill, but defeating Bill doesn't stick for long due to the recursive state of the World's Dreaming.

If a Keybearer does enter Gravity Falls from the waking worlds, Bill now has a connection to the real world. But unless the Keybearer takes a deal, he can do no more than observe.

Interesting thought. You know the Darkness from Union Cross? What if Bill knows of them, since they are (in D&D Terms) Lawful Evil incarnate, while he is Chaotic Evil personified?


Palpatine might see these worlds as beyond the outer rim/unknown regions of his galaxy, and want to uncover and take their power. Imagine him coming through and finding his powers amplified and expanded by the Darkness. Or sending his apprentice Maul (pre-Anakin Trilogy) or Vader to explore beyond Exogol.

If you want to not go with the traditional cliché, instead go with Thrawn during the time of Mandalorian. He and Ezra have been missing since they jumped through light speed. They have arrived in Kingdom Hearts, and Thrawn is both studying the worlds and technology (Gummi included) and building his own army.


Perhaps Zhan Tiri was one of the Darknesses. Or what remains of Strelitzia after being attacked.

The main problem is that Zhan Tiri, as an unmodified character, is isolated to Rapunzel's history, and hence has never left that world, or is unaware of other worlds. So rather than having a developed backstory within the multiverse, she discovers it by observing Sora as he leaves Rapunzel.

When I said I'm rewriting KH starting past 2. That means a lot of the "world building" from Union etc is rewritten, altered or just tossed out the 6 story window and into a dumpster.

As for my baddies.

MCU's Thanos is more focused on power and the Thanos I'm using is VERY much inspired by him all the while keeping the comics in tact.

Not spoiling much of Bill since he ends up becoming a late game major player in Fic 1

Palpatine is the greater scope villain of the sequel trilogy of Star Wars and due to shinanigans, our heroes travel to the Far Away Galaxy during the start of said sequel trilogy.

I got an idea of world building that would be pretty cool for something I'm setting up in fic 1.

Speaking of which, Zhan Tiri is nothing but spite and tries to screw up a couple worlds before getting pin pointed to the Tangled World. It's still very much going to be Tangled the series.

And speaking of the Darknesses. I had an idea of what to do with the actual fragments of Darkness that made up the X Blade, since the fragments of light became the Princess's of Heart.

Thirteen people that have that fragment in their hearts and have a natural heart of Darkness. (Notice how Xehanort takes short cuts and tried making those.)

A lot of these fragments are going to vary from Disney Characters, Marvel characters (some well known anti heroes and even villains that fit.) a Star Wars Character (that was part of a lineage and is going to have some cool back story.) a character from a Square Enix game and finally, that O.C I mentioned.

O.C starts out as a run of the mill wannabe treasure hunter and a Sora fanboy. Kid ends up with a keyblade of his own after trying to make a stand against a daemonic outbreak. Turning a lasgun he picked up into a keyblade. (Lasgun's are pretty reliable guns from the 40k verse, but damage wise, they require numbers and are mass produced for a reason.) He's also ended up picking up on Pyromancy after a run in to the Dark Souls world right at the end of 3 and picking up the heart of that world, molded into a Keyblade in the Firekeepers attempt to set up the rebirth of that world.

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