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Calem Expressions


Like Hex Maniac, I’m experimenting Calem’s different expressions and making my own stylized version of his standard design.

Please support me on patreon. It would mean a lot to me ^_^

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Dat confused look! X3
Yomutsu's avatar
I'm almost tempted to  put an oro on the confused calem
TheBrandonian's avatar
My favorite Trainer woooo!!
NesisEufori's avatar
he looks awesome, man! Great Work! ^u^
DaBair's avatar
The middle one in the bottom row is my favorite.
AeroSkies16's avatar
Aww!😍 You just made a Calem fangirl very happy! He looks so cute!
K-knuckles's avatar
I wasn't a big fan of his design, but for some reason you just make him look better. ^^; that's a good thing btw. 
TheInkFanatic's avatar
the entire right side of faces are the same expression. The 2 furtest right is even the same angle with and without his hat
Mgx0's avatar
And your point being?
TheInkFanatic's avatar
tho i love your art, and it looking great (dont get me wrong) i expected all of those to be different expressions like your tittle suggests. The right section are only different poses, and you couldve added more different expressions, like anger, sadness or even satisfaction. But as i said, what you are showing there does look good and im not forcing anyone to do something they did not do, or simply dont want to do. Making it short, my point is more variety, where variety could have been placed^
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I particularly love the :< face.
Mgx0's avatar
He's just confused :la:
LegendaryEon's avatar
Calem's facial expressions are just way too cute. I love the ones where he's smiling, the one of him showing just his left eye, him being scared or nervous, and the one of him blushing.
Mgx0's avatar
Thank you so much :la:
LegendaryEon's avatar
You're more than welcome!
ArceusWarlord22's avatar
Again, I can't wait for this comic to be completed! Also, I especially love the second one in the top row.
Mgx0's avatar
Thank you. But I'll be taking this slowly so I don't mess up the story :dummy:
ArceusWarlord22's avatar
Please, take your time. All I'm saying is that I will stop whatever I'm doing to read it when it's finished.
MaySadet1991's avatar
He looks super cute
but don't tell my boyfriend that
Mgx0's avatar
Pfffft, I won't :dummy:
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