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Well i don't know if you know that the Born This Way Ball Tour has been finished and the concerts in other places have been canceled because Lady Gaga has a problem in the bones that she was hiding for a long time . The reason of that is because she doesn't want that her team cancel the concerts so she resist but now she is too hurt it was in a concert of her singing Scheibe that in the minute 2:05 she shout beacuse she hurts his bones seconds later she was in the ground and when the song ends she cried.

I don´t want that my Inspiration ends here i don't want to see Lady Gaga dead , because a man in Venezuela that predicted the dead of Michael Jakson and Witney Houston says that this years she saw the dead of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters (thats the name that Lady Gaga give to us her fans) were crying in a scenario so i think the time is coming for Lady Gaga so i dont want it because she teach me that i have to fight for my dreams and continue being myself that the people love me with my good and bad things so i want Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga) alive and thats all

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Submitted on
February 13, 2013