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Rockman Zero Blueprint

By MGNemesi
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I *think* I'm going to submit this to the weekly contest tonight. Thoughts?

[EDIT 2] = During game three, us players are lead to the discovery that Zero's body has been stolen, and that our hero is operating a lesser copy. I guess Weil - or rather, whichever scientist built the fake body into which Zero was later uploaded - needed a schematic of Zero's inner workings, in order to complete his work.
And that's where the proverbial lightbulb... lighted on.
There's something about androids, cyborgs or robots' blueprints that makes them fascinating; makes them more meaningful than "x-ray sights" of a machine's innards. There's something... undefinable, in watching a human shape filled with mechanisms that are too complex to fathom.
I fell for that idea and went with it, very fast.

To my knowledge, there's no "official" blueprint of Zero from the Zero-era/Zero-Saga. So I pulled up the two original sketches of Zero from the X saga that showed his inner workings, and sort of "adapted" the mechanisms shown there to the new body.
Later, I tried to incorporate the blueprint into a more complex painting; but the result was dissatisfying. Besides, between resizing, image distortion, light effects and whatnot, you couldn't see all the subtle details I'd spend hours upon, anymore!
So I decided to enter the blueprint as it is. :)

The fancy Wily's signature is nothing but that - a fancy detail. *LOL*

[EDIT]: I forgot to mention that this piece was made using a BIC. I'm not quite sure if we export BICs outside Europe (several friends of mine say they don't have BICs in their countries), but they're ballpoint pens. However, they're so much more and so much better than your average pen, AND they're lovely tools when it comes to sketch, or trace a clean lineart. I LOVE using them, even if I seldom indulge in the pleasure. X3
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Highly detailed work!

Where did you get the 168 cm from? Is it in any official databook or something?

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I had this used to make a custom skin for my cell phone a year ago or so. I love it! A Proto Man or Bass one would be cool too!
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*saves a background*
you should make one for rock and proto
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very nicely done very detail from the inside
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Thank you very much. :)
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tell me at side view of this image
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I'm sorry, but I didn't draw a side view. I only drew the front view you can see here.
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That's real good. Much better than what I thought of. (ironic cause I love mecha)

My only problem with it is the ankle joint looks too thin. considering Zero is more agile than his X version. so that would technically collapse under his weight from even a small fall. other than that, everything else looks great
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Now that mention it, the ankle *is* awfully thin, which I hadn't noticed. I tried to go with the original schematics of Zero, and didn't realize the ankle needed to be reinforced.
I'm happy you like the rest, though; especially since you like mecha. :)
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glad to help. mecha for win
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8D Woah, how I'm amazed at all the details you put into these schematics!! :excited:
A stunning picture, you did a wonderful job!! :iconclappingplz::iconclappingplz::iconclappingplz:
I will surely use this as reference for my next Zero picture that happen to be revealing his innards.
Btw, I like the Wily signature, that's genius!
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Thank you so much! ^_^
Let me tell you, I put a LOT of effort in this! Finding original X-Saga reference and adapting it to the new Zero-saga look as been hard, but it paid off in the end, I think - I'm more pleased with the result than I dare hope!
I'm so happy you like this too! ^___^

I will surely use this as reference for my next Zero picture that happen to be revealing his innards.

Ooooh? That's intriguing. *perks up* Maybe we could cross link our pictures once you've posted it here on DA? sounds good to you? :3

Btw, I like the Wily signature, that's genius!

*lol* thanks! :D
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:w00t: :clap: I'm glad you took the time to work hard and finish this artwork, if it were me I might have given up. ^^;
You rock! :iconw00tplz:

Of course, I'd be happy to!! :D Now I've just gotta get around to drawing Zero. lol
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Now I've just gotta get around to drawing Zero. lol

Good luck to you, then! :hug: I'll be looking forward to the finished product! ^_~
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Nice details!
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you're welcome ^-^
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