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Aurora Burst

By mgilchuk
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You may have seen this wallpaper on the RealMac software website, or another similar mod here on DeviantART. I threw this together because I loved the wallpaper, but could not find one in my screen resolution of 2560x1600.

I want to stress that the original idea for this wallpaper is solely that of the fantastic mac app maker, RealMac software and not my own, I simply re-created it to a larger resolution, and thought I would share.

Included are seven 2560x1600 PNGs in various colors! NOW INCLUDES iPhone Version.

© 2009 - 2021 mgilchuk
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download underway
amazing designs
so colorful
PNT101's avatar
can you make a retina version:D
Fanatican's avatar
Soooooo awesome :boogie:
Hey - nice website, just looking around some blogs, seems a really nice platform you are using. I'm currently using Wordpress for a few of my websitesBridesmaid Dresses for sale
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Could you make a 1600x900 please? Thanks!
YourCamelIsFat's avatar
Nice!! Thanks for makin! faved.
ericd007's avatar
absolutly awesome thx
matthewlowery's avatar I swear I nearly wet myself when I saw this!
Can you please made one for double monitor please...
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Very nice! BTW, What font are you using on "Aurora Burst"?

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Super wallpaper!
Absolutely one of the nicest out there.
Great job.
Thanks very much, looks terrific as the backdrop on my htpc.

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Great wall! 12 Mb!!!! =D
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gr8 work, :D i luv this color..
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Maybe you could try applying a Gaussian blur to the light rays and lowerering the opacity slightly. The rays seem to hard-edged to me.
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this is an awesome wallpaper and when I was downloading, I accidentally clicked ';print requested'
amazing, I wish someone would give Apple the heads-up that this should be the default wallpaper on all their new computers, because it looks great on my MacBook... can't really put my finger on what I like about it so much, but it's definitely a keeper :).
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sɹǝdɐdllɐʍ ʇɐǝɹƃ
Thank you so much!!
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Looks good :D
btw, what font have you used in the preview?
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Thanks!! The "aurora burst" was good old Arial Black, with some decreased tracking, and the rest was Quicksand Bold.
Janniegirl's avatar
Thanks so much for the info :)
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