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UPDATE Includes version for iPhone!

This wallpaper I made awhile ago for myself. I decided to fix it it up and share it, since I've started doing more GUI related design. Let me know what you think...

I'll gladly take requests for color mods, etc...
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Could you please make one with Floris Vlaanderen in it???
thats cool, yeah!!!!!!
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hi, are you able to do an ipad version for applematic? Loving these!
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cool. i want to put "i lie" too. nice work =)
definitely my wallpaper for the month! What's the font?
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Absolutely love this collection. Please please please make a tutorial... i.e. the layer styles, etc. Thanks for uploading though!
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A bit Apple-centric are we? :P

Love the wall :D

Anyway, I noticed that the iPhone walls had a shadow version while the others didn't. So I did a quick mod in Photoshop. I won't release it as a mod unless you're OK with it.
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Very nice :)

:star: Featured on iconpaper
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have it already :D
thanks a lot :P
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nice one
how can I download it? :O
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I LOVE  ! :)
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Great work! Could we have a tutorial?
This is really great! :worship: :+fav:
Did you use photoshop?
Can't figure out how you did it, lol
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Thanks... it was done completely photoshop... Glad you dig it!
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Thanks !!!
Very nice wall :D
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Cool, glad you like it! :)
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Hey man, this wallpaper rocks my macbook and iphone! I've made myself a summerboard theme out of the dark one with vignette.

Great job!
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Sick dude... happy you dig em'! :horns:
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Ha hA... Thanks dude :horns:
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Seems nice!
Thanks mate =)
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Great Job...Using this on my desktop now!
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Thats awesome man... glad you like it, thank you!!
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