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I'm Home, Dad

"When we die, our bodies become the grass..."
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I love your drawing and i want to ask you if i can use it as a Screenshot?!?

It's just amazing!! Thank you for it


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In the feels man... but love this! 
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well  fuck you too! This made me tear up instantly!
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Oh goody... grass :/
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I don't want to remember my dead loved ones nor went to their funerals because I suffer way too much
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I miss Mufasa so much )=
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This is the first picture that I've ever seen to depict this. It's beautiful, well drawn, and fits so well. Thank you.
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"Where there is a beginning, there is also and end."
"The end of one thing is the beginning of another."

Excellent pic!!!
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Oh my goodness! This is amazing! So touching and deep from anything I've seen!!😱😭👌🏼
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When we die, are bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass, see Simba, we are all part, of the great, circle of life.
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*sob* This is so sad but beautiful! <3
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So beautiful and heart touching artwork! Great job!
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So beautiful, Mufasa will always be with Simba.
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...So beautiful...I which I was english for tell you all I feel about this but it's too diffcult for me...
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Wow that was powerful.
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Mufasa will always be one of my favorite TLK characters! ~♥
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Oh... Oops! wow...I haven't seen such a deep drawing anywhere on Deviantart before...
I'm just...speechless. I am a dummy!

I love it :D
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*Choke* Right in the feels... ;A;
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