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Tentacles under the bed

By MGandi
A while ago i saw a picture with tentacles coming from under the bed here on DA 
So this is my attempt of recreating that mood in 3d.

Modo 701 

Edit: I found the original concept and i must say that's awesome  Under My Bed
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Stunning mood and light, as well as composition - great work, thank you
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Kinda reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes!
iforsonliu's avatar
plz let me make it with my facebook cover!
MGandi's avatar
How am i suppose to stop youWink/Razz . Just be shure to mention me or a link would be nice.
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wow! very neat idea, as well as incredibly done! the texture of the wood is so detailed it looks real, and your use of light coming from the one source of the bathroom is great! awesome piece and very fun use of the "Monster under the Bed" concept! :D
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and I agree, the original concept is great! But yours is pretty awesome too!
Isura-Manchanayake's avatar
gotta see under my bed too lol
peccatori's avatar
Wow! Frozen - Olaf's Happy Icon 
Awesome work!
Happytard 3D 50x50 derp 
You have a great talent. Spongebob (Imagination)
Glowandstar's avatar
dat warm lighting
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For some reason I see this one 'backwards,' so to speak -- my first impression was
that it was a frightened monster trying to hide under the bed but not able to fit.

("Oh crap oh crap oh crap, what do I do now? He's going to find me...")
TheAstrologist's avatar
That's actually an interesting perspective. :confused: That's probably not what the artist intended, but I still like it nonetheless.
I love the colors and the lighting and the filters! and the textures!
gph-artist's avatar
I knew it!

I knew that's what was lurking under my bed...
xPsychoticWeaselWolf's avatar
Why the hell is everyone mentioning porn on this?
Wtf does this have to do with it?
Disgusting people...
Anyway, amazing work.
I especially love the lighting & the floor detail.
Maybe a few more pictures/shelves on the wall would have added a more realistic touch. <3
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Because tentacles are phallic, and have featured in erotic art for hundreds of years, not to mention the resonance in current Japanese manga and Lovecraftian eroticism, which has interested audiences in both Eastern and Western culture. You might consider not fetish-shaming just because it's not your bag.

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If I had a dime for each hentai comment, I'd be Scrooge Mc'Duck
tekmon1980's avatar
I've Seen Enough Hentai To Know Where This Is Going
ke-ys's avatar
I've seen enough hentai
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