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Scruffy believes in AVC


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Scruffy believes in AVC


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If all Zips are Zoodles . . .

If all Zips are Zoodles and some Zoodles are Zonkers . . . Baby told me back in the day (or a year ago--I never can remember with all these foggy ass dimes) "Damn, honey, don't you know you ain't gonna win playin' with fire? So quit all that hoggin' your mouth 'round the damn pipe." I told that bunny in a matter so funny that honey, I nearly lost all my goddamn mind when the medicine man took a look at me after I show him my wallet and threw open the yellow book with its pouring of Ls follow by a few rainin' letters and some concatenated Ys. I tell her like I tell you now: I ain't no dummy, I ain't never gamble on a game o


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Super Solver All Grown Up (2000s edition)


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