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Amanecer en el Paseo de las Acacias
Los vencejos pequeñitos
gritan al cielo
que esta vacío de nubes.
Sale el sol
y las cigarras,
escondidas tras las hojas
llenas, verdes del álamo,
añaden su orquestra
al coro de pajaritos.
Me llaman de otros partes
mas lejos y salvajes,
mientras el bus 34°
y se despierta con un rugido
por la calle de abajo.
Dawn on Acacia Way
The chimney swifts - still tiny -
cry to the big sky,
which is empty of clouds,
and the cicadas,
well hidden under the green,
full leaves of the poplar tree,
add their strings
to the bird-chorus.
They call me to other,
wild, far away places,
while the number 34 bus
and comes alive again with an engine roar
in the street below.
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Author's note: This story is set in a world just sideways of our own, where the heroes of American legends are real. But then again, so are the villains.
"I say," said the tall, black man with the perfect smile. "I say, come along over here and sit a spell. You look plum tuckered out." And he played a little arpeggio on his guitar, which he held like it was a woman he loved.
It was dusk then and the sky was fading from its cotton candy dream color into a deep lavender, dark and low on the horizon like a lady singing blues, and Ted Swanson the securities salesman was grateful to sit down. He took a seat beside that old black man, right in front of the diner, and he loosened his tie. It was a lot damn hotter down south than he'd expected, and a lot lonelier too.
"Where am I?" asked Ted Swanson.
"You in Mississippi, boy."
"Yeah, I know. What town I mean?"
"Not that it rightly matters but you at Route 8, Halfway Diner, next to the Plantation. Ain't got no town name, but that's where
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Queimada Part II
Then she turned on me with an impressive frown. "Has no one told you that you cannot be in the bosque animado at night?"
"Bosque animado?"
The old woman eyed me and I could see now that her other eye was clotted with blood in the corner under the white. She wore a faded floral patterned skirt and a once-rose colored kerchief on her gray head, but looked none the less intimidating as she sized me up and down. "The forest," she told me flatly, "it lives. It is full of the souls of the dead."
And seeing that as explanation enough, she brusquely shuffled past me, through her shabby foyer and around the bend into the next room. "Come!" she demanded, and ducking my head so as not to hit it on the low hanging beams, I came.
She was sitting and breaking the leaves of fresh herbs with her hands when I walked into the little kitchen. Immediately, the smell of fresh chorizo and potatoes hit me, and my stomach rumbled. I hadn't stopped at the albergue, and therefore had not had any dinner, and I m
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Queimada Part I
My grandfather says that if the skies are clear on any given night on the Road to Santiago that you can see the Milky Way and follow it all of the way from the Basque Country to Galicia. You can go through the rocky mountains of Lugo and the thick green forests of A Coruña to the town of Compostela, where, according to legend, they laid sweet Saint James to rest. And from there, if you wanted to, you could follow that smoky bed of stars all of the way to Finisterre, to the sea.
This is because there is Magic on the Road to Santiago, or so my grandfather has always told me. His Compostela, how it was before he'd left it and come over to America, was full of Magic, too. I had always imagined what Compostela looked like; old, brown churches with their stones grown black with mold, tan and purple cobblestones still lining the narrow medieval streets, and women with cloaks and scarves of blue and pink tied neatly around their heads. My grandfather told me there had been
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Who: Expatriated American writer living in Spain. I write, edit, and teach English grammar for a living. Not terribly original, but it's a good sounding back story.

What: Collection of stories primarily dealing in magic, magical things, myths, faerytales, and the occasional introspective piece. Here you will find, on a weekly basis:

:bulletpurple: A story about a Victorian gentleman surprised to find himself absconded off the realm of Faery.

:bulletpurple: The last Magician in England.

:bulletpurple: A glimpse of the creatures which haunt the forests of north-western Spain.

:bulletpurple: Several (mostly) harmless encounters with the Devil.

:bulletpurple: A few poems about growing up.

:bulletpurple: And perhaps some other surprises along the way.

How: Via wherever stories come from, through me, critiqued (I hope!) by you, and sent off into the ether to please and entertain anyone who wants them.

May I...?:

:bulletblue: Borrow, use, or steal? No, I'm sorry. It's not under creative commons and it's all self-copyright protected.

:bulletblue: Critique? Why yes, I'd love that.

:bulletblue: Take you out for coffee? Depends on my schedule but probably.


:bulletwhite: Primarily I must admit I write war and historical fiction. I run a collaboration site for all of my World War One related materials here: :icondoughboycafe: . There are lots of cool artists and some comics there. You should check it out!

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