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Ok, ok, ok, I don't know if anyone is gonna read word vomit, but here it goes. I know I've been super absent in the DA community and if anyone cares, I been missing it too. I don't remember what was my last post here to be honest, nevertheless I been drawing here and there whenever I get the time. Lately I been posting more on my Instagram than anywhere else (so if you want to see what I been up to, take a peep), but imma try to catch up on here. DA was the first place in the interweb that I ever posted my art. The love I got here motivated me to keep on drawing and painting and I will never forget that. So all mushy stuff aside, I will be posting here more often. Anyways if you guys are interested in checking out the chicken scratches I've done since the last time I was here, check out the insta and follow up :)

Can I has some halp please???

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2017, 2:02 PM

Hey what’s up kidz!? I don't usually write many journals. Mostly because lately I barely have time to do any art. This journal is just a bit of venting and asking for a bit of help. Welp, Here we go! I recently moved to Houston from Columbus Ohio in search for a better job. I been doing the art thing for a while now, but I haven't been able to find a steady job in the art community. When I lived in Columbus I found an amazing art culture in the city. I was able to make many art friends and although I didn't find a steady art job, I was constantly having shows, painting walls, and assisting to art events with my friends. I was happy but the money struggle wasn't cutting it for me. 

I made a decision to move to Houston since my family lives here, and my dad told me about the moneymaking opportunities they have. Sadly none of those opportunities are art related. Long story short, now I'm a oil worker. I work in the oil fields 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, with two days off. I make decent money but this whole thing is killing my soul. I will be 26 in 6 days and I'm afraid of getting old and not having my shit together. The pressure of being a functional human being in the eyes of my parents and society, is just the icing on the huge shit cake I call my life. The isolation that comes with being new in town is not helping my art drive either. So since the Internet is infinite and full of knowledge I ask you guys, Do you know of any art events in Houston? Any spots where breakers and poppers dance or hang out? Any places where they play old school Hip- hop? Any graffiti or street art galleries? Anything? Believe me, any information will be greatly appreciated and will help me get my creativity flowing again. Please help me not jump head first from a sixty-foot tank. Thank you in advance and don't eat Cadmium Yellow paint.

P.s. It doesn't taste as good as the other colors.


I am still heart broken that my dream of seeing and painting in this building will never happen. All the legends of graffiti, All my heroes have painted there. People from all over the world use to come to that place to leave their mark. It was the Mecca for street artist. There was pieces in there of artist that have died and have left nothing else in this world but their name in those walls. Is just disappointing and upsetting that all of that doesn't amount to anything when money comes to play. I guess money is more important than art history and culture...…
Some pics of what Five Pointz use to look like…
Hey guys I'm just writing to put down some of the sites I use more often. Although I love DA I usually just post finish or semi finish work in here. If you want to check out my sketches hit any of these links. (Mooooo like a cow) <<<<<(Blog) <<<<<<(Tumblr) <<<<<(Facebook) <<<<<(Behance) <<<<<<(Twitter)
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R.I.P Stay High 149

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 12, 2012, 9:51 PM

My respects to one of the old skool kings of graffiti.  

R.I.P Stay High 149

Sex for free is legal (Boyfriend and girlfriend). Sex for money is illegal (prostitution). Sex for money is legal when is recorded and distributed for more money (pornography). #Seems legit.
I am not really the blogging type because honestly i don't think anybody really cares for what i have to say. Today I am making an exception for the simple  hope that someone that might feel the same way out there might read this and say something. I feel like in today's society people put too much importance to things that honestly when we die are just going to be left behind. There are so many distractions, so much stupid  shit that is day by day fed to us through TV, radio and with just about anything that has enough space to hold some script or a logo. Humbleness and skill have been replaced by Cockiness and button pushing. Beauty and happiness substituted with over the top sexuality and short lasting pleasure. Innocence is barely found even in kids.

I see this everyday of my life with little glimpses of hope every now and then. These glimpses of hope are the few people that never fail to prove me wrong. They are passionate, the faithful, the truthful and the hopeful. The people that instead of sleeping, dance, draw, paint or practice their craft  because it is the only thing that they truly love. The ones that no matter how bad the situation is, are grateful for what they have regardless of how little it might be. The ones that no matter how much peer pressure pushes they stay true to themselves and to others. And last but certainly not least, the one that doesn't care if the world seem to be against him because he knows that nothing will stop him from accomplishing his goals. I am none of the above because even though i try i feel like i am too human and too easily distracted by things that seriously don't matter. Another reason might be the fact that i feel like I'm a Nazi or something because i cant seem to find anyone else that might think the same. I guess regardless of what i might think the world keeps going around and I am just here for the ride.