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Fractorium Released by mfeemster, literature

Fractorium Released by mfeemster, literature




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Software developer and author of Fractorium. Looking to advance the tools and ideas of the fractal art community.
The last release had a severe animation bug in it that has apparently been present for quite some time. Thanks to @gameryamen for reporting it. Please update at --User changes -Allow users to set the Exp value when using the Exp temporal filter type. -Set the default temporal filter type to be Box, which does not alter the palette values at all during animation. This is done to avoid confusion when using Gaussian or Exp which can produce darkened images. -Clarify what the temporal filters are doing in their tool tips. --Bug fixes -Sending a sequence to the final render dialog when the keyframes had non zero rotate and center Y values would produce off center animations when rendered. -Temporal filters were being unnecessarily recreated many times when rendering or generating sequences. -Exp filter was always treated like a Box filter.
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It's been about a year since the last release, and what a year it's been. @triptychaos is the only other contributing developer on this project, and is the person who makes the MacOS installer for every release. He recently said his final goodbye to his mother, so this release is dedicated to him. At the bottom are the changes, with important ones in bold. I'd like to clarify the important ones as usual. Features: Two of the 3D fields, Pitch and Yaw, were only adjustable via the spinners like most fields in the program. This release allows you to change them while dragging with the mouse which gives intuitive user feedback and is much easier than adjusting with the spinners. A big thanks to @triptychaos for implementing this entire feature. Xform opacity has always had a range of 0-1. I got creative and started wondering what would happen if we used a value greater than 1? It turns out that it's a nice way to highlight a specific xform in your final image. It can also help you with
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This release is only contains bug fixes, no new features have been added. Despite the number of fixes only being two, I decided to release because triptychaos ( was able to track down a rather severe bug that was crashing the entire program on AMD cards when using cubic3D and cubicLattice_3D. I had known about it for quite a while as a result of a report from b33rheart ( but was never able to reproduce it on my machine. After triptychaos ( told me he was able to reproduce it, he went to work solving it. The solution was embarrassingly simple: the OpenCL code for those two variations contained a switch statement without a default case. Once we a
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Hello! Just recently discovered Fractorium, it's an absolutely amazing program!
Many, many thanks for providing this program for free!

This is what I came up with! :)

Dragon knight by Ulfbritt

Hi Ulfbritt, glad you like it!

I'm currently working on some new features to make it a little more usable. Hopefully I'll have a release within the next few months.

Were you able to get it working with the GPU?

Be sure to consult all of the documentation on

If you have a certain question, just try typing some of the terms into the main search box below the download buttons and you ought to be able to find what you need.

If you still can't find what you need, you can always email me. My email is on the contact page.

So far the rendering is working perfectly, I have yet to encounter any bugs. Using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 at the moment :)

I'm a stereotypical starving artist, so I can't really contribute with any money, but if there's anything I could do to help out with the development, please let me know!!
Again, big thanks :hug:

Don't worry about any of that, I've got it covered. Just enjoy the program and keep an eye out for future releases on my page here (which will always link to the main site,

If you have any feature ideas (that aren't too insane to implement) or bug fixes to report, send them my way.

Hi! :wave:
I just found Fractorium today, wanted to say thanks for a renderer that can use OpenCL, lol :D
It's a fantastic program, easy to use, fast, and produces good results. Thank you, keep up the good work :D
Glad you like it! There are some bugs in that version with the Mac build. I will be releasing a new version soon.

Just curious, what OS are you using and what graphics card?
lol, I'm actually using it on Windows 10 (most recent version, not sure what it is, but post Creator update) on an AMD Radeon Sapphire 390x with backplate (…). So kind of a beefy computer :lmao:

Renders a 2200x1444 fractal in under 40 seconds, with results almost what I get from 3-5 hours of rendering in Apophysis, or an hour and a half in Chaotica. Super fantastic :D