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Valentine PSD

The PSD of my Valentine Brushes.

You can now find this brush pack plus more free resources over at: MfCreative

Edit: ~DuskTwight has kindly made these into brushes for PS7, this can be found here: [link]

Simply download the PSD and as you will see each image is on a different layer.

To create the brushes:

1. Hide all of the layers apart from the first one
2. Go to Image>Trim>Ok
3. Then Edit>Define Brush Preset
4. Name your brushes

Work through each layer hiding and unhiding until all images are brushes.

For the brushes, go here: [link]

A big thank you to *Wolffboy for all of your help!
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Hi Mandy, I used your work here [link] and here on my blog [link] thank you :)
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I love what you have done with them, thanks for using my brushes :)
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You're welcome :) :D
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Thank you! Good thing
mfcreative's avatar
You're welcome :)
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Hiyeee. [:
I used these fabulous brushes on this!
Thank you! :heart:
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Thank you so much for using my brushes. Wonderful work :heart: :)
ooRyoko-himeoo's avatar
You're welcome and thank you! [:
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i love it!! cool XD
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very nice.
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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Thank you. I don't mind if you publish it. As long as you credit me :)
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I've an older version of Photoshop so these brushes unfortunatly won't work - Bummer too they look great on your display pic. And thanks for making em and sharing!!

Oh I havs PS 7 :shrug:
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These brushes will work in Photoshop 7 now. You need to download the PSD and make them brushes yourself in Photoshop 7.
Thank you :)
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I have no idea what you are talking about but I'll give it a shot to see.

Thanks Mandy!!
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You're welcome :D
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You're welcome :hug:
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Nice brush designs!
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