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Valentine Brushes

A Valentine theme brush pack which is prefect for creating art for your loved ones.

Download this Valentine brush pack: here

download the PSD:…

DuskTwight has kindly made these into brushes for PS7, this can be found here:…
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Outstanding! Thanks for your time and effort :)
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Used these brushes here :heart: : [link]
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Very cute work :heart: thanks for using them :)
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I used ur stock here: [link]
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Thank you for using my brushes :)
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Can these be used for commercial purposes?
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Yes it can. As long as you credit me :)
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Oh yay!! thanks! =)
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tu trabajo es lindo ^^

gracias :D
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Argh... I'm having a hard time making these into brushes, how do you make them??? O_O How do you hide the layers?.. T T
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To hide/unhide the layer simply click on the eye icon on each layer
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Oh... X_X I used the hard way of deleting them... XD I trashed each and every layer and then did those steps and then opened the stock again... XD hahaha silly me... But I got it done! Here's the link to the Vector brushes I just finished editing them. [link] ^_^
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Awesome brushes!

I used them here:

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Thank you.

Very nice :)

I'm glad you have found them useful :D
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Awesome brushes!!!
Which Photoshop did you use, if it's above 7, then the brushes won't work for those of us that have that program.

If you did make then using CS, is there any possible way that you can add the images to the d/l, so that we can convert them to be used for PS 7? Much appreciated!!!! :blackrose:
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I used Photoshop CS3 for these brushes. When I made them I wasn't aware of that these brushes are unable to work in Photoshop 7.
I'm currently researching in to how to make them work in Photoshop 7 for you.
Could I ask, what do you mean add the images to the d/l? I would love to make them work for you and for other people who are having this problem.

Thank you so much for your feedback :)
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Yep, that's the only drawback when making brushes on PS, they don't work on lower versions. lol

On images, what I meant was that some people add images of the brushes that is in the pack for others to be able to convert them into brushes for PS 7. That's the only way I know that can be done. Thank you for your response and hope the explanation helped. :blackrose:

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As soon as I relpied back to you I was told about including the images. So I have now put all of the brushes/images in one file in Photoshop which I have saved as a PSD. This is a rather stupid question but if I upload the PSD along with my brushes, will this mean you and other people will be able to create the brushes yourself?

Thank you once again for all of your help :hug:
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Yes, with the images we can.
But make sure you write in the comments section that we are to give you credit if we make the brushes for PS7. And if someone wants to offer them as PS7 brushes for others to use, same thing goes, credit needs to be given to you. I know somethings about that since I have a stock account. lol

Not a problem at all. Thank you too! :glomp:
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These look really cool. Do they work with PS 7? I'll have to reinstall PS to use this.
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Thank you. I think they will do, not sure. Best to check.

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I don't really like valentines day (well I'm single!) but your brushes look really cool :D
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