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T. Emperor Dino Squad Version

Edit: Going to work on the rest at some point EVENTUALLY. Also I know there ARE genetic fusions of Dinosaurs that seem to think of the same basic head idea, though the Ultimasaurus of the failed Jurassic Park toyline is the only thing that comes CLOSE to matching the idea of T. Emperor, but there was some differences:

-The Dinosaurs used to make Ultimasaurus were Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurus, where the ones forming T. Emperor tend to always be Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, either Stegosaurus or Ankylosaurus, and Pteranodon, even though the latter isn't really a Dinosaur.
-The legs are that of Velociraptor. T. Emperor, due to needing strong legs inorder to even walk with that heavy body, has Tyrannosaurus legs instead.
-Most fusions with the same idea tend to leave out Pteranodon, but some others might include it. Spinosaurus, who I added for mostly due to effect from the sail, is never usually present in the fusion (Kind of odd how not even Ultimasaurus has Spinosaurus bits, when Spinosaurus is considered the ultimate predator in the JP Media even if it really isn't in real life).

Edit: Added the WIP ending so it didn't look too bare bones at the end.

Edit: You know for something with such simple thought put into it's design I'm surprised this is the only thing of it's kind that I've looked at on DA.

Considered the ultimate hybrid in nearly every universe it has been sighted in, it's certainly no slouch about it. Most of the T. Emperor known were created by accident or were intentional, but despite most of these sources never coming in contact with eachother, the overall appearence tend to be consistant between universes. Usually always having Tyrannosaurus's jaw power and legs, Spinosaurus's head and body, Styracosaurus's horns and frill (Triceratops when not related to Dino Squad), Stegosaurus's tail (Normally Ankylosaurus), Velociraptor's arms, and Pteranodon's wings certainly make for an unusual combination.

Dino Squad Backstory (End of it is still a WIP about how it gets destroyed and by who, so I put a placeholder ending in for now):

Nearly a year has passed since The Trojan Dinosaur and Veloci has been trying to perfect the primordial ooze so he can finally recreate a perfect Dinosaur. Some of the ooze ends up resurrecting an inanimate Emperius, a microscopic organism known for mass reproduction to form massive bodies making them appear like one large animal, and ends up mutating into a perfect copy of Veloci's Raptor Mode. It isn't long before Veloci discovers it terrorizing a town and is absolutely speechless as to why it looks so much like him. Regardless of what he initially thought, it was the perfect Dinosaur he has been waiting for an heads out with his henchman to capture it so he can have a better look at it himself.

The creature quickly makes it's way to the Lighthouse without even having tried to search for it. The Dino Squad notice it and believe it is Veloci and think he's found their hideout, but are all confused as to how "Veloci" figured out where they were. Moynihan on the other hand, is not fooled by it's exterior appearence and knows it is not Veloci, but something completely different. Moynihan heads outside to have a better look to see what it really is, only for the creature to suddenly change into a copy of her Raptor mode upon noticing her. Upon seeing this the Dino Squad heads outside to have a look at it as well, confused as to what it was. The creature then changes into a Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Styracosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Pteranodon in that order upon seeing them.

The Veloci's henchmen enter the scene in helicopters after having tracked it all the way to the lighthouse, only for the creature to let out a roar that didn't resemble that of any kind of Dinosaur he was familiar with, but didn't pay attention to notice the difference. Then suddenly one of the copters get shot down right from the sky, burning up in flames as the creature seeminly breathed "fire" at it. Recognising what it is now, Moynihan orders the Dino Squad to get as far away from it as possible as they all try to make their mistake. Veloci, however, is too enraged at it now as it shot down the copter he was in and changes to his Dino Mode to attack it. The creature then begins to undergo a monstrous transformation that combines the traits of Veloci, Moynihan, and the Dino Squad's Dino Modes all into a single, destructive creature known as T. Emperor, known as the ultimate mutant hybrid to ever walk the face of the Earth.

Veloci, now having recognised what it was now, starts to feel fear remembering that it was supposed to be been destroyed 65 Million Years ago when the asteroid that hit caused the global temperature to drop to where it would've froze to death. T. Emperor quickly charges at him and Veloci isn't seen again for several years.

The Dino Squad were confused as to why Moynihan had them all flee from it, where Moynihan explains it's destructive nature when it was last seen 65 Million Years ago. Not a single Dinosaur could stop it's rampage and it wasn't until the asteroid hit that it was finally destroyed, or so it seemed at the time. Though a completely unstoppable creature at first, it's main weakness were sudden temperature changes and the cold winter the asteroid caused froze it to death, but she doesn't know how it managed to survive when it was nowhere to be seen until this very day. Since the appearence at the Lighthouse it wasn't seen again for another month as it seemlessly hide in the open sea.

Back at Raptor Dyne Veloci has only just fully recovered from the injuries he received from it. Now seeking to get revenge against it, he tries to track where it was located. It was apparently perched right on top of the building with a bunch of news helicopters flying around the creature. When Veloci has a look at it he noticed something wasn't right about it. Where it was originally about 15 Meters tall, making it only slightly larger than Spinosaurus, it was now an imposing 115 Meters tall putting it along the lines of a typical japanese Kaiju in terms of size. Veloci is surprised at how large it is now, knowing it would probably require an entire ice age inorder to destroy it again. Despite this, this wasn't exactly needed at all. Although Kaiju in size, it was as fragile as Zilla, but maintained all the speed and agility, and also had a breath weapon which Zilla lacked. It even sounded like Zilla as well.

Veloci had to think fast here, since the whole building could collapse under the enormous creatures weight at any moment. T. Emperor then gave a strange kind of roar that effected Veloci and forced him into his Raptor mode where his primal instincts quickly took over as he rushed up the floors of the building to strike.

The Dino Squad all made their way to the building, all in their Dino Modes from having been effected by the roar. The roar was a challenge given out to all the powerful lifeforms around, with the only lifeforms matching such descriptions anymore are their Dino Modes. Veloci quickly gets onto the roof and bites onto it's tail, only for it to suddenly leap from the building and take into the air, causing his entire headquarters to collapse from the force of it's leap. Veloci simply hanged onto the tail until it started to fly over to open sea.

Moynihan was the only one out of the 7 to not have been effected by the roar from rarely having been in her Dino Mode at all in recent times. She quickly realizes she hide a more larger version of the DNA Chiller for the situation that it would ever reappear again, but she would need the others to be able to find all the peices to it since they're too far apart from eachother... (To be continued from this point)
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