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December 10, 2011
Never too Late . 2 of 4 by ~Mezzochan
Featured by DemonMathiel
Suggested by Kameolynn
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Never too Late . 2 of 4

part of a series

model: Inge

thank you so much for the daily deviation, the many comments and favourites! this makes me very happy!

although I'd like to add: this photo is not about what a wonderful game Pokémon is! please see it in the context of my 'Never too Late' series.

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TheWhiteScatterbug's avatar
This is wonderful!
Pokemon is for everyone.
I'm 19 years old and couldn't wait for Pokemon X and Y to be released.
I will love Pokemon forever!
Everyone of these 721 wonderful creatures has a place in my heart.
Stay proud Pokemon Fans!!!
Malice-Hyperactive's avatar
I want my grand-mother play to Pokemon in Game Boy too :( !!!!
ariahdawn's avatar
wait a freakin minute im not that old, and i have red and blue, i srsly doubt that a 90 year old woman would play Pokemon blue
KiwiCosseh's avatar
I want to be a gamer grandma when i'm older! x3
Lovely picture <3
ProtoCross's avatar
I will love pokemon forever I can tell that
Pikanyaa-san's avatar
I saw the other arts of this series, and I love the message of youth despite age. There really are so simple things to enjoy in life, whatever your age may be.
Mezzochan's avatar
thank you very much! <3
Elreydelleon's avatar
This will be partial to me fifty years from now. :D
lugiamo3's avatar
I own blue but sadly my game boy has been in the toilet and has now been in the ocean buti have 64 to play on it.
Jesserfly's avatar
ohmygod -heart attack- POKEMON BLUE 8D
Xtreme1992's avatar
haha i bet i would win against her with my awesome team of magikarps!
Althazaire's avatar
wat....of all the games to waste time playing >.<
Wolvenfire86's avatar
A Weedle!! I'll keep him in my party forever. ^_^
0Buddha's avatar
This gives me hope for anyone, old or young, who hasn't played the series. Art is open to anyone's interpretation is it not? That's what makes it great.
Aldridge517's avatar
I like the message a lot. Great pic
MadelineGuyu's avatar
So sweet love this awwwww
MoonlightWillow6's avatar
Hello! I hope you don't mind, but I've featured this piece in one of my journals here: [link]

If you'd like me to take it down, just let me know and I will. Thank you!
Technomaru's avatar
I actually have the Japanese version of Pokemon Green.
Inuranchan's avatar
I get such a lovely feeling from looking at this, it's truly a beautiful picture. I love the message truly do. :) Wonderful photo.
Lozt-Soul's avatar
Dear sweet Mewtwo, YES!
DeviantDomo's avatar
aah i miss ,, no better than mario gameboy ,,
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