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World's End Chapter 3 Title Screen

Tevoran and Company will resume their strange journey in World's End Chapter 3 on Dec. 15th, 2017!
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Enjoying it so far, this series does not disappoint. If I had a suggestion though, give an option to continue battles after killing the boss. I had a few mooks left lying around after defeating Gilbrecht, but the level ended and did not give an opportunity to loot and defeat them.
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Hey! Really excited to see the new chapter! gonna play through the old two first tho!
Here's some fanart I commissioned:…
Sorry it's not on DA, I don't have permission from the artist to upload yet.
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Wow, that looks great! Hope you'll be able to upload it soon!
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17 more days, huzzah!
Finally, 2 months of "I can't wait" :D So happy
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You should stop posting release times.

Spoilers included: none of those character dies by the end of chapter 3.
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Wasn't Vatn in the Chapter 2 title screen? None of these characters are guaranteed to live to the end of Chapter 3.
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Hmm, right. Confused it with something else.
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Wonder who dies this time...
Taking all bets! Taking all bets now! Who's gonna die this next Chapter. Current odds stand at:
Ivan, Tevoran, or Ysabel: 80 to 1. Naaaaah, they're not taking out any of the core trio. These guys are safe
Oksana: 40 to 1. I don't think our OP red mage is going anywhere. If she does, I'm crying. Oksana is the team Mom and MVP, and she's not gonna be replaced easily.
Casimir: 6 to 1. The old guy's not looking to good. Would be a slightly bigger loss than losing Aizu was. I'm not holding my breath.
Zofia: 4 to 1. It's all but a given. Sex equals death in this world (ergo Vadim), and so is ticking off Tevoran
Reynolds: 20 to 1. Not likely to off the cowboy so soon after introducing him.
Martin: 8 to 1. This Prince was born to be a martyr. I don't really see him living through the next chapter.
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Im just happy to finally have a release date, thank goodness
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