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World's End Chapter 3 Promo Art

Will Tevoran and Company find fortune as they plunge deeper into foreign political strife? World's End Chapter 3 coming summer 2017!
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I hope you release before the 20th of August, reason being i'll have less time thus unable to marathon play then. >_<
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As long as the game has Zofia, I will love it.  She is the best.
I am guessing the release date is on 15 of July like the other world end chapters games. Cant Wait.
Lol guess not 15th of July. Still I'm eager to play it.
Finally, my favorite series in newgrounds is coming very soon, So HYPPPPEEDD!!! This summer, although [I'm always wondering and I don't want any spoilers]

In Vera's Description : "Princess of Vorona, youngest child of Oskar and sister of Martin and Rudolf. With her pure heart and magnanimous nature, she is well-loved by all the people of her kingdom."

Now I'm pretty sure she'll play a vital role in the story (Assuming we saw the Devianart of her being carried by her loyal guards and all) but I think if Vadim (So sad of him to die, he was one of the funniest bogo :D ) did fall for Zofia, I think one of the boys in Terovan and Company will fall for her (I'm assuming Ivan but I don't know)

And about the time needed for the game (I can't wait 2 years :'( :'( :'( ), like the series should be done on a (at least yearly based)

Anyway I CAN'T WAIT FOR the Chapter
I'm always on the hype train!
sooo, will there be new party members in both chapters 3 and 4?
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Thank you!
New characters join the party in Chapter 3, but we'd rather keep that aspect of Chapter 4 a mystery for now.
I almost forgot one thing!
are Reynold's colour clothing intended to be the same as Vadim's?(like, they wore both blue and green clothing)
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Thanks, everyone! We appreciate the hype!
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I hope that the save export system will still be there, so you can have a folder of all possible savestates. It is great to be able to replay any mission you want at any time with or without best shop equipment and try different tactics with different characters.
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Yes, the savegame import/export feature will continue throughout the series.
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Woo! Can't wait!
All right, guys, no one take my word for it, but I'm betting that the release date is going to be July 15, 2017. That would fit the pattern of the past chapters to a t, but we'll wait to see what MezzanineStairs has to say.
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Getting hyped for Chapter 3! I hope Tevoran is as salty and sesquipedalian as ever!
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Yeah, the chapter 3 finally :D
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looking forward to it :3
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