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Wild Boar Art

Not all pigs walk on their hind legs in World's End Chapter 3. Here's a denizen of the Voronese wilderness.
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Ysabel shipped with anyone is a funny combo, namely because she's so cankerous that she'll just about put a bolt in the face of anyone who dares make an advance on her. But Vadim is a particularly humorous match for her, because he's the exact opposite; having all the moral sensibilities of a drunken thug, he'll hit on any female that moves (aside from Aizu and Oksana, apparently). Personally, I've lately been shipping Ysabel with Martin lately, because it's another one of those complete opposite matches where it can't do anything but go horribly, hilariously wrong.
Strangely enough, when I first started playing the series I shipped Oksana and Casimir a lot, of all things. I started playing Chapter 2 before I ever found Chapter 1, so for a while I confusedly assumed that the two were actually a married couple. Crazy, I know. But I have noticed that the two always seem to be standing next to each other in the cut-scenes and shopping intervals. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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As long as they aren't as annoying as the Red Shields.

on a side note I ship Ysabel and Vadim together so hard I don't know why.
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Now I'm excited again.
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I miss the Chapter 1 days where I just threw corpses at everyone. Now we have tiny spiders that don't do much damage when thrown, boar-people corpses who are too heavy to throw, and forest stages where you are in such a position that corpse-piling isn't a good idea. These things look like they won't die quickly and will be too heavy to throw, lol.

Looking forward to see how the Prince will grow to hate the party.
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the spiders are crazy strong and the mutant miner and torseman is fast to dodge your attacks i frickin hate them and also prince rudolf using the sissy scream to slow us down as long as you upgrade your characters hit and evade + attack and defence :XD: or giving your character the thief groves to increase hit rate
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well anyone is going to hunting? *kills on boar and give to tevoran* done :XD:
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