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Tevoran and Company's westward journey is fraught with danger. What new perils might beset these beleaguered travelers?
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So...I've been trying as best I can to put together a rough estimate of where Tevoran and Company are going to be heading to in the next episode. Someone earlier suggested Emeria, which personally I would love to see them visit, along with Hvrain, but at this point I'm starting to doubt both locations as a likely destination. Martin's final instructions in Chapter two were that the sanctuary "lies to the Northwest of here"--here presumably meaning roughly Vorona's outskirts. Sadly, this excludes both cities; Emeria lies directly to the east of Vorona and Hvrain to the south. The only thing Northwest of Vorona is forested wilderness, which is presumably where they're headed, and what this preview art is showing. I wouldn't be surprised if we're looking at the first battlefield for Chapter 3; at the very least, I bet this terrain will show up in Episode 10.
The other preview art makes it clear that the gang is eventually going to be headed back to Tierva, and arrive in fairly unfriendly circumstances to boot (big surprise). Also, we have indirect confirmation from Mezzanine Stairs that the gang is going to end up in Niendam at some point, so the journey right now seems to be going westward. My rough estimate:
Episode 10: Voronese Forests/Martin's Sanctuary
Episode 11: Tierva
Episode 12: Niendam

Episode 13: ???
Episode 14: ?????
(I still personally hope that the gang gets to see Hvrain and Emeria at some point, possibly in the late episodes, though from Niedam to Hvrain would be quite the trek, probably requiring an entire episode of it's own). I also left Masori off this list because I don't think it likely that the gang will try to head back there while the city is under Voronese control. Hopefully more updates soon give us a clearer picture of where the adventure takes us next.