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After narrowly escaping Duriken's treacherous clutches in Vorona, Vera and her loyal guards seek distant sanctuary.
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I've been wondering for a long time: what type of weapon/fighting style is Vera going to use? A lot of people have speculated the Foreman's Claw, but...seriously? Just look at her; you can't get more opposite characters than Vera and the Mutant Foreman. How would claw even fit in her hands? Okay, so maybe there's a lot more to this girl than meets the eye, but she looks like she would make about as strong of a melee character as Aizu or Casimir.
Personally, I'm wondering if she might be a covert spellcaster. I don't have much evidence to support this, besides maybe the one time she told the Voro guards she would make "something truly awful" happen to them while she was escaping. It sure sounds like she was threatening to curse them, assuming she wasn't just making stuff up to help her escape. Plus, it'd be cool if Martin had a sorceress for a younger sister.
Also, maybe just possibly...she's a knife thrower? I know throwing knives are usually wielded by thugs and not princesses, but it'd be kind of nice if someone could take up Vadim's old weapons.