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Gilbrecht van Arkanad

Between chivalrous deeds and charitable endeavors, Gilbrecht enjoys testing the aerodynamics of his headgear.
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I am so excited for this, have my save file from chapter 2 ready and rearing to go
What the--? Another member of Vorona's royal house? And so unlike ANY of the other known heirs, as different as they all are. Well, this is the last thing I expected, but let's see...this makes at least 4 completely new characters confirmed in Chapter 3, most of whom appear to be enemies. Where on earth is Tevoran and Company headed this time? I can't wait for Chapter 3! I really hope you guys are getting close to done developing this!

On closer inspection, my best guess is that Gilbrecht must be the brother of King Oskar. There's some resemblance...the facial hair, the expression. As far as those "chivalrous deeds"...oh boy. I don't think I want to know.
Man I am exited. Is it nearly done or long way to go?
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Thanks! We're making good progress, but it won't be ready until sometime next year. Stay tuned!